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by | Apr 9, 2021 | News

Greetings to the glorious populace of Granite Mountain, the seventh wonder of Atenveldt! 

At long last, this month has brought the good news that, with the Kingdom’s guidance, we will start some in person activities this summer!! Although there are safety guidelines which we will undoubtedly need to learn to navigate, we are excited to figure them out with all of you! We hope to have information in the next few weeks about how, when, and where we will re-engage with the Dream here in Granite Mountain.

Congratulations to those of you who received scrolls from Their Majesties this month for the awards given during Ethereal Courts: 

  • Lady Ros Infhean Ui Ghallchobhair received the Gratia Corone for exceptional service during these plague times
  • Lady Adrienne Noel de Lorraine received the Fleur de Sol and Gratia Corone for excellence in her arts and exceptional service during these plague time
  • Master Pol O Coileainon his Gratia Corone for exemplary service during these plague time.
  • Baroness Lia Winterbourne, le Citolur received the Gratia Corone for exceptional service during these plague times

We thank you all for the time you graciously give to our beloved Barony. We recognize the patience everyone has had to learn and how well we have all adapted. As we move forward, we will take the best from the hard times and celebrate new opportunities in the future.



Brian II & Lia Winterbourne

Brian II & Lia Winterbourne

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