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The Song of Granite Mountain

We welcome all to hearth and hall our meat and mead we give
Honor love and chivalry the codes by which we live
We have fought and we’ve created, we have served and we have shone
And finally it’s come to pass we guard the granite throne.


Our army stands upon the field defending Aten King
On sable golden ermine flies, our silver sword songs ring
We shall hold the line and hold the field with joy and honor bright
And defend all that is ours with passion chivalry and might.


Look around you welcome friends and see the splendor of our hall
To our noble artists raise your glass and thank them one and all
For their skill its sure none can surpass, our hear, our soul, our pride
And the glory of the mountains art sure cannot be denied.


We have built our land with service freely given from our hearts
And the strength of Granite Mountain from us never will depart
Let us raise our glass to family and this merry valiant band
Like the granite strong and stable; like the mountain tall we stand.



We are the granite, We are the stone,
We are the family that calls the mountain home.
Together we have built and together we shall stand
and together we defend the dream that makes our kingdom grand.

Mountain Home
Written by: Syele the Songbird
Given as a gift to Baron Brian the Pious