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Baronial Deputy Web Minister

Feb 7, 2021 |

The Deputy Web Minister is delegated specific tasks instructed by the Kingdom Webminister. The Kingdom Web Minister’s overall duties are:

  • Act as the recognizing authority for, and maintain a roster of, recognized Kingdom, Estrella War and local SCA group internet sites for Atenveldt.
  • Warrant webministers for all Kingdom, Estrella War and local SCA group internet sites in Atenveldt.
  • Work with the Kingdom Chronicler and Kingdom Seneschal to ensure all Kingdom, Estrella War and local SCA group internet sites remain in compliance with applicable SCA and Kingdom electronic content and policy guidelines.
  • Hold primary responsibility for administration of all kingdom-level and Estrella War websites as follows:
  • Ensure that separate and recognizable domains exist for both Kingdom and Estrella War sites and that such sites are regularly available to the public.
  • Serve as webmaster for Atenveldt’s official Kingdom website. Warranted deputies may be assigned as webmasters for other kingdom-level and Estrella War websites.
  • Ensure that at least two warranted officers and the Kingdom Webminister have current full administrator rights to all website servers used for kingdom-level and Estrella War website content, and that a current list of administrative access information is maintained with the Kingdom Chronicler’s office.
  • Serve as the technical contact for all kingdom-level domain name registrations and ensure the contact information and fees for those domain registrations remain current.

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