Meet the Officers who run the Barony!


Kathryn [Katie] of SunDragon

Warrant Ends 05/31/2023


Kandace Van de Libel

Warrant Ends

Earl Marshal

Grigor Montgomery

Warrant Ends 10/24/2021

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Jacquelin de Normandie

Warrant Ends 

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Aurora Faw

Warrant Ends 3/6/2025


Viktor Ingwer Von Strobelrotbart

Warrant Ends 

Captain (Thrown Weapons)

Wolffgang Von Luxemburg

Warrant Ends 12/1/2021

Social Media Officer

Ceallach Colquhoun

Warrant Ends 3/7/2024

(Secret) Webminister

Aurora Faw

Warrant Ends (Never!)

Baronial Signet

Gregoire le Gris

Warrant Ends 

Archery Captain

Ívarr Haukr

Warrant Ends 

Deputy Seneschal

Juliana Carlyle

Warrent Ends: 

Emergency Deputy Seneschal

Mattea Locatelli

Warrant Ends 

Youth Activities Coordinator

Open Postion


Malachi of Ravenglass

Warrant ends:

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