Court & Champions

Below you will find a list of the Baronial Court and Champions for TE Elizabeth (she/her) & Duncan (he/him)

Their Excellencies of Sundragon

Baroness Elizabeth Redfern


Baron Duncan Redfern

YOUR Baronial Champion

Lord Tatár Ferenc

YOUR Baronial Chatelaine

Lady Fionnghuala Cailin

Hardsuit Champion

Sir Rainulf Lion

Rapier Champion

Lady Elizabeth of SunDragon

Archery Champion

Lady Lasairfhíona inghean uí Néill

Thrown Weapons Champion

Lord Jaku’an Kakujo

A&S Champion

Jakob inn Rammi

Bardic Champion

Captain Eirik Ising Steingrim

Youth Champions

Youth Archery Champion

m’lady Hylda of SunDragon

Youth Thrown Weapons Champion


Youth A&S Champion

m’lady Saren of SunDragon

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