SunDragon A&S Challenge

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Greetings and salutations Barony of Sundragon! As your new A&S champion I would like to challenge you (anyone who is interested 😉) into starting the new year with a new project.

Maybe you want to embroider a design for a favor, a bag, roundels for an outfit, perhaps you want to embellish an outfit, a bag or perhaps something a little more elaborate. Whatever it is, I would like to take this opportunity to try and help you achieve it. With that in mind, I need you to understand your level of experience and how much time you are willing to put towards your project. I want to help you succeed in what you want to accomplish.

Every court night, starting in January, I will be available for you to approach me with your questions, ideas and/or concerns. We can discuss design, materials, etc… If your project is something I am able to help, I will! If I am not able to help, I will try to find someone who may.

Every court night after January, we will have a display of our projects to show our progress and receive advice and/or positive input.

The goal is to have your projects completed or close to completion by November, in which we will have one awesome artisan display. I am looking forward to speaking to anyone who is interested in this project. See you at court night!


HL Moira O’Droogan Your A&S Champion

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