Period Potluck and December 2, 2023 Populace Meeting

by | Last updated Nov 22, 2023 | Arts & Sciences, Populace Meetings

Greetings Shirelings and Newcomers!

We will be having a Local Feast “Period Potluck”  starting 12pm, December 2, 2023, Saturday hosted at the home of Lord Mihil and Lady Constance (address will be provided upon request, see below).

What does that mean? As this is a potluck, participants are asked to bring a dish that has history within the time period of our society (pre-1600 AD), with a 3×5 card listing all ingredients (for the sake of food allergies) on one side and a brief history of the dish on the other included. Dishes should be able to feed roughly 10 people. This is a free gathering and a fun opportunity to show off your cooking skills AND historical knowledge, so come on out and join us!

Important: Please email or post on our Facebook page if you wish to get directions to the location. In your message please include what you want to make so we can hopefully avoid doubling up on dishes. And if you cannot or do not wish to cook but still wish to contribute in some way, please let us know as well!

At the conclusion of the feast we will take a group photo and hold our monthly Populace Meeting. It should be fairly short but necessary with the many upcoming large events in the next couple months. Be sure to wear garb (passably medieval clothing), or let us know if you need some and we can see if we can figure something out for you!


-Sir Eugene Haraldson

Seneschal, Shire of Burning Sands