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Baronial A&S Minister

May 6, 2021

Baronial A&S Minister

 SCA Arts & Sciences are all the crafts, skills, and technologies practiced in the time period and cultures that our studies cover. SCA participants learn and practice these skills, and then share them with others. You will see the results in use and on display at our events – the costumes (garb) we wear, the armor used in combat, the illuminated scrolls presented in Court, and the recipes used for a feast, just to name a few.

 The Baronial A&S Minister is responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.  Duties include promoting at least monthly A&S gatherings in the Barony, monthly reports to the Kingdom A&S Minister, and managing an annual baronial A&S champion event.


Please send your application to the Baronial Seneschal at


Let the Seneschal know that you’re a great fit to help out in this Office!

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