Upcoming Peerage Circles Schedule Announcement

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Greetings and well met, fair Atenveldt!
Circle Announcements!
Their Royal Majesties Cona and Æsa would have it known that They will meet with Their Pelicans at Northern Yule in the Barony of Granite Mountain on December 2nd at 9am. They will meet with Their Laurels at that same event at 10am. Please note, the circles will be held prior to the opening of the event, which happens at 11am.
They will further meet with Their Laurels and Pelicans at the Barony of Atenveldt’s Yule on December 9th. Laurels will meet at 1pm, with Pelicans meeting at 2pm.
Finally, Their Majesties will consult with their orders of the Chivalry and Defense at Central War Practice on January 14th. The Chivalry will meet during the lunch break at noon, and the Order of Defense will close out the day with a 3pm meeting.
Cona and Æsa are eagerly awaiting receiving counsel from Their peers of the realm; please do cross post as needed to the various peerage lists.
Duchess Elizabeth
Chatelaine to Their Solar Majesties