SunDragon Gets New Email Addresses

by | Last updated Dec 12, 2023 | News

The Barony of SunDragon has new emails! All of our emails are now, office name All old email addresses will still be routed to the new email. Please see the list of the new emails and list of officers with the Barony.


Please consider volunteering for a role in the Barony. The critical position we need filled right now is the Chronicler.


Officer Names Email
Baroness and Baron Elizabeth and Duncan Redfern
Seneschal (policy/legal) Mattea Locatelli
Deputy Seneschal Juliana Carlyle
Emergency Deputy Seneschal Tvoislava Michelovna
Exchequer (financial) Fionnghuala Coili
Deputy Exchequer Nastas’ia Volkovicha
Archery Captain Philippe de Dauphine
Archery Lieutenant Ciaran Colquhoun
Knight Marshal Grigor Montgomery
Deputy Marshal Finnan Fannach
Rapier Marshal Elizabeth Schumacher
Webminister OPEN
Social Media Officer Cealleach Colquhoun
Social Media (Deputy) OPEN
Chronicler OPEN
Minister of Arts and Sciences Aurora Faw
Prisma Herald Gefroi le Gris
Deputy Herald Michael Kiel of Kilkenny
Sheriff Malachi of Ravenglass
Signet (scrolls/scribal) Gregoire le Gris
Deputy Signet Marion Bradford of Yorkshire
Waiver Officer OPEN
Youth Minister Kandace Van de Libel
List Minister Iana of Whiteclif


SunDragon Social Media

The SunDragon Social Media Officer assists the Social Media Officer with ensuring that the populace is kept up to date on news, doings, and goings on about the Barony