Many hands make light work and here is where you can find ways to help us make the war a better place.

Our Society runs on volunteers and War of the Phoenix is no different. No event can happen without your help. Hundreds  of hours will go into this event, volunteered by people on vacation just like you.

Please consider giving a little bit of your precious time, sharing the load with the rest of our incredible team this year. Make some new friends, do something new, and learn how the magic happens by filling a shift in a department you’ve never tried out before. Most positions require no prior experience, only a couple hours of your time.

Front Gate/Registration

Be that smiling face leaving the light on for the weary traveler. Working a few hours at the front gate allows every member and non-member to be greeted by You! We want to make sure everyone feels welcomed and what better way than volunteering your efforts and...

The Watch

The Watch (Security) at the War of the Phoenix is responsible for patrolling the camping, parking and merchant areas. SCA volunteers are always needed to assist with the watch. Please consider volunteering by signing up at The Watch Point or through the Volunteer...

Set-up/Tear down

Many hands make light work.  Throughout set up and the duration of the war there will be many different opportunities to volunteer your time and talents. If you have a little spare time and are willing to help out please contact our volunteer coordinator to discuss...

Youth Corner

Providing appropriate and engaging activities for those youths aged 0-17 requires lots of help! We are looking for fun volunteers who would like to assist by donating their time and positive energies during War of the Phoenix. In order to satisfy the “two-deep” rule,...

Town Criers

Keeping our populace updated about the ongoing activites at war we utilize Town Criers to get the word out. If you are interested and willing to lend a hand spreading the news at war please fill out the form below or email our herald.