Camp with others on-site and make friends for life! We’re coming together and building a village.
Where To Camp

Camping is allowed in designated camping areas shown on the Site Map. If you are seeking a place to camp, ask for help from a member of the war staff at the front gate or one of the Land Coordinator(s). Camping is not allowed on the Target Archery Field, or off the main property/site. The surrounding properties are private and state owned land, and law enforcement agencies will be notified if you set up an encampment there.

Grey Water

No dumping of any gray water or other debris within any camping area. Gray Water tanks will be located at designated privy stations throughout the camping areas and merchants row.

Fire extinguishers

The Fire-Marshall requires that your camp have a 2 lb- ABC rated (or greater) fire extinguisher outside each tent in easy reach. We recommend also having one located by each ‘kitchen’ area, and fire pit.

Litter & campfire ashes

Trash and ash receptacles are provided throughout the site. Please ensure that bagged trash is placed in trash cans (not in ash cans), and that ashes are cold to the touch when discarded. At the end of the event, you are responsible for leaving your camp area free of litter, and for hauling away large items like rugs and furniture.
Do not put any tents, furniture, wood, rugs, or other large items into the dumpsters; you will be asked to pay a dumping fee if you do so.

This is critical if you wish the SCA to have use of the site for future wars!

Torches/lanterns/fire arts

No open-flames are allowed, and “fire arts” performances are prohibited. All torches and lanterns must have a grill or mesh flue or be enclosed in some manner to reduce the chances of sparks and embers.

Camp fires

Fires in camps must be attended and “off-the-ground” a minimum of one foot (with all embers contained) to ensure they are safe and of reasonable size. Fire pits must have a total fuel area of 3 feet or less in diameter, and 2 feet or less in height. Bonfires are not permitted. Large unattended campfires may be cause for expulsion from the event without refund. Please keep flammable liquids(including all alcohol) away from fires and other open flames. Ash cans are provided at privy stations (ashes must be cold to the touch to be placed in an ash can). Receptacles for ashes are clearly labeled. Please be sure they are only used for disposal of ashes!

We cannot overemphasize the lethal dangers of asphyxiation and carbon monoxide poisoning! Please use common sense when running propane heaters, ESPECIALLY in unventilated enclosures (tents). We recommend extinguishing heaters and lanterns BEFORE bedding down. Watch over your friends and your camp-mates. Invest in a battery operated Carbon Monoxide Detector for your tent.