Name Items Offered
Giacomo catering Burgers
Chicken Tenders
S.E.S Fried Rice Spring Roll
Chicken Teriyaki
Lemon chicken
Stir fry
Chow Main Noodles
Special Event Services- American
Chorizo/Egg Burrito
Breakfast Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Nachos
Burgers and Fries
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Loaded Nachos
French Fries
Lemonade 32oz
Crown Foods  
Breakfsast Burrito
Hot Chocolate
Burger & Fries
Nacho Supreme
Asada Fries
Bacon Dog Wrap
2 Tacos
Hot Dogs
Sliced Pizza
Booth Number Merchant Business Name Facebook Website Wares
A10 Aesir Metalwyrks Armour, Handmade jewelry
B8 As the Crow Finds Metal/wood/ceramic art, sculpture, jewelry,
Apothecary items, garb accessories, fans, parasols, all things tea, t-shirts, hand dyed linens, fabrics
A8 Aurora’s Creations Belts, pouches and other leather accessories. Hats and viking jewelry, clothing and trim.
B2-B3 Barb’s Garb Anglo-Saxon for the whole family 2T-4X, early Renaissance gowns, jewelry, camp garb, misc books boxes, etc
B6-B7 Boots by Bohemond Boots, shoes, bags, knifes, belts, drinking horns
B4 Briar Patch Garb Handcrafted garb and accessories.
A1 Cactus fire pottery Handmade pottery, feastware, mugs, tankards, bowls, plates, drums, monster mugs
D9 Castle 89 Handmade knitted toys, beaded jewelry, head wreaths, medieval toys, felted bags
B11 Celtic Sun Traders Pewter mugs/goblets, clothing, swords/knives, chainmail, and armor pieces
A3 Designs by Kate Men’s Garb and accessories
C9 Diva Dreads Hair Falls and accessories
C11 Dragon Scale Chain Maille Custom Chain Maille jewelry
D10 Du Puy Creations Furniture, musical instruments, fiber tools
B5 Feed the Ravens LLC Period Jewelry
C3 Greyhold Bazaar Clothing, jewelry, feast gear, firewood
B9-B10 Hands of Mercy Massage and Mercantile Massage, African Market Baskets, Garb, Cloaks,
A5 K.C. gem Packed Jewelry Chainmaille and stone Jewelry
A4 Lilie’s IP Apothecary, LLC; Lilie’s Imperfect Perfection Herbal tea Blends, tea accessories and herbs
D5 Maid for Ewe Handcrafted dice, dice bowls, dice pouches
D7 Merc Mercantile armor, rattan weapons, clothes, feast gear
D11 Palmyra Traders Silks, spices, headwear, leatherwork, rope-handled mugs, and sewing chatellaines
D3 RiddlemeTrue’s Leathercraft Handcrafted leather items including masks, maps, notebook covers, and other accessories
D2 Ring Weaver Chains Chain maille jewelry and accessories
C1 Scottie Armoury Rapiers, parrying daggers, other period knives
C2 Shoes for the Peoples Custom handmade side lace moccasin style boots
C10 Silken Afrey, Creon’s Fine Leather Goods Hand painted and dyed silks, handmade leather goods
D8 Strong Leather Goods Handmade leather products and accessories
D6 The Treasury Reproduction pre-1600 jewelry and dress accessories, research books, and craft supplies
D4 Thyme Traveller New and experienced garb for men, women, and children, props, accessories, feastware, and an ever changing mix of adornments ranging the full spectrum of SCA times and origins
A2 Traditional General Store “Time Traveler” Handmade clothes, (men, woman, kids), knives, hats (leather, fur, felt), candy, cups & dishes, jewelry, spices, tea, timepieces, canes, toys, sewing supplies, leather, furs, skulls, shaving supplies, clay & meerschaum pipes, leather pouches & bags, powder horns, flint & steel, candles, etc.
A7 Tres Sheikh Custom and hand-made clothing and leather accessories
B1 Viking Krafts and Sable Fleur Designs Handmade jewelry, hand forged swords and knives
A9 Vivianna’s shiny baubles SCA jewelry and Accessories
A6 Wanderlust Import Trading Company Silver jewelry, Clothing, Home decor, other trinkets and bobbles
D1 Wild Woman’s Wares Cloaks,bags, misc garb and dance costumes, jewelry, scarves, and saris

War of the Phoenix

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