A Proclamation from the Crown

A proclemation was made in morning Court at
Central War Practice on January 15th:

“Whereas the Sumptuary Traditions and Guidelines of the Kingdom of Atenveldt do recognize the right of the Crown to decide on the appropriate use of personal regalia during Our reign,

And, more importantly, because We wish for the Lords and Ladies of Our glorious Kingdom to be able to proudly display their nobility outwardly,

We, Cona, King by Right of Arms, do hereby proclaim that, for the duration of Our reign, those who have been given an Award of Arms may don a circlet constructed of precious metal, unadorned, to be no taller than one quarter of an inch, as an external marker of their recognized nobility.

This proclamation will serve as standing written permission for all who have received an Award of Arms to don such regalia during Our reign.

And furthermore, We encourage our future Heirs, and so on, to uphold this proclamation and practice after Our reign, as We believe it is the right of all those who have been given an Award of Arms by their rightful Sovereign.

Cona, King
Æsa, Queen”

The biggest of HUZZAHs and congradulations to Ellis MacLeod (left) and Nikolai of Twin Moons (right), the first two Armigers to be given a circlet in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.  Wear them with pride!

Published: Last updated Jan 15, 2024

Written By: Deputy Social Media Officer

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