Write a Letter of Intent for an office

Letters of Intent (LOI) can oftentimes be some nebilous thing, especially to someone who has never written one or is new to the process. They are actually not a complicated thing at all and consist of just a couple parts.

At its core a letter of intent is an application for something, be it a Kingdom/Baronial/Shire/Other Group Job. Oftentimes in the SCA we ask for one when looking for people for a specific task.

The Basic Parts of a LOI are:

  • Your Mundane Name
  • Your SCA Name
  • Contact Info (email, phone, other methods of communication)
  • Sca Membership number and expiration date
  • The position you are applying for
  • What are the reasons you want this Job
  • What kind of knowledge or skills you have would assist with the job
    • Some people also include past experiences, jobs they have done in the SCA or professionally
    • references to people who might know you or your peer
  • What Kind of plans you would have if you got the job*

*oftentimes this may or may not be needed. For instance as Kingdom Webminister I don’t ask this of people who want to be my deputies.

After the LOI is written it is generally emailed to the person asking for one. A good example is if you are applying for a job at Estrella War, you email the EW Mains, or if you are applying for a Deputy Position you email the Officer for that job. Greater Kingdom Officer positions, like say Webminister get emailed to the Crown.

Sometimes an LOI is not needed. sometimes if an officer reaches out to you they might already know what kind of skills you haver or just want you to be their deputy because they are already aware of what you can do.

For a Local Group position you generally Email a LOI to the Kingdom Officer that would be in charge of you and your group’s Seneschal. For instance if you wanted to be a webminister for your barony/shire you would email the Kingdom Webmin and your group’s Seneschal as those are the 2 people that would sign your warrant.

If you are applying for a non deputy job it is also nice to CC either the Crown or Coronets with your LOI. If you are unsure of who to email your LOI, talk to a friend or other local officer so they can point you in the right direction!


Lord Floki the Ginger

Lord Floki the Ginger

Kingdom Webminister

Lord Floki is both an Apprentice and Protégé to Master Ritchyrd McUath

Published: Apr 29, 2021
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