The Crown Visits the Shire of Windale and the Barony of Sundragon

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The next stops on Their Royal Majesties world tour of Atenveldt are the Shire of Windale and the Barony of Sundragon.

Saturday, March 20

Shire of Windale
Metcalfe Park
11am – noon

♦ Aud the Beardless
♦ Melody

Barony of Sun Dragon
Pioneer Community Park
3pm – 5pm

♦ Aurora Faw
♦ Caileigh of Loch Ridge
♦ Dougal Fineshusband
♦ Edward Harrison
♦ Elizabeth the Herbalist
♦ Fine Ingen Ui Chellaig
♦ Gwenffrey de Abergavenny
♦ Jacquelin de Normandie
♦ Kandace Van de Libel
♦ Lasairfhiona inghean ui Neill
♦ Mat Bowman
♦ Mattea Locatelli
♦ Moira O’Droogan
♦ Nastas’ia Volkovicha
♦ Octavia Gaillard
♦ Philippe de Dauphine
♦ Raven Mayne
♦ Tvoislava Michelovna
♦ Valdisa Alarsdottir
♦ Wolff

When you arrive at the location, We anticipate that there might be a line. Please be respectful of others and maintain that social distance of 6’ or greater while waiting.

We ask that you wear a mask while at the pickup location. We will have a table with Us, to help Us maintain that social distance, and may ask your name. Please don’t be offended, masks sometimes make it hard to recognize people!

We would ask that you are cognizant of others around you, and that you don’t stick around in a group, catching up. We know it will be tempting, as folks haven’t seen each other in a year or so, but again, Our goal is to get back to normal sooner rather than later.  The end is in sight, so long as We continue to be vigilant.

If you are unable to attend the pickup, and don’t have anyone handling it for you, rest assured that your goodies will be safe. At the end of the visit, We will be turning over all unclaimed scrolls, medallions, and prizes to the Baron and Baroness or Seneschal.

Thank you all so much for helping Us make this as safe as possible for everyone. We know this year has been tremendously difficult, and We can’t wait to see you all again!

Morgan & Elizabeth

March 15, 2021

Written By: Kingdom Social Media

The Social Media Office of the Kingdom of Atenveldt is the "official" Voice of the Kingdom as it pertains to social media channels on the internet. The office also provides social media guidance to other Kingdom and branch Officers. The Office is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Society Social Media Policy for all Kingdom and branch social media presences including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Groups, Meetup, Pinterest, and Zoom.

Please note – Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

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