SunDragon Officer Openings

Coming soon to a Barony near you. SunDragon Officers openings! Yes, that’s right, you can serve your Barony and be part of the action! 

First on the block is Baronial Exchequer. Yes, that’s right, our Exchequer is ready to retire. The Exchequer is the financial administrator for the Barony. They are responsible for tracking and reporting spending and income. Put in your letter of intent today to be considered for the position. 

Second up is Baronial Sheriff. The Sheriff’s work revolves around the physical security of persons and items at events. They also maintain the lost & found for Baronial events. This position has been vacant for some time now, so step right up with your letter of intent! 

Do you love working with kids? Well, here is the job for you! Youth Activities Coordinator is the next opening. This individual organizes activities for the youth of the Barony and ensures that our youth are enjoying themselves. Get out your crayons and write up your letter of intent! 

Youth Combat Marshal may be more your speed if you prefer to coach the kiddos. The Youth Combat Marshal is responsible for overseeing youth combat activities in the Barony, encouraging the development of promotion and safety, and upholding the combat standards.

Are you more into the computer scene? Hey, we have just the job for you. Webminister is next on the list of open offices.The Webminister maintains the Baronial website and ensures the timely uploading of content. Get that laptop open and type out your letter of intent to be considered. 

Want to meet all the people? Maybe Deputy Waiver Secretary is the job for you. The waiver secretary ensures that all participants have signed the waiver required for participation at local practices/meetings. Send in your letter of intent today!

Do you love Rapier? Here is just the thing to do. Sun Dragon needs a Rapier Marshall. The Rapier Marshal is responsible for overseeing rapier combat activities in the Barony, encouraging the development of promotion and safety, and upholding the combat standards. Step right up and present your letter of intent.

Do you like lists? Keeper of the lists is the next opening. This individual is responsible for the tracking and reporting of tourney lists in the Barony. Take a chance and send in your letter of intent to get on the list for this position.

Do you like being on Social Media? Maybe you would be interested in the Social Media Officer position. This person encourages responsible use of social media and assist with advertising for the barony. You already know how to email that letter in. 

Do you love encouraging learning? Perhaps being Minister of Arts and Sciences is for you. This position helps with the scheduling of SCA classes and assiting folks with getting Arts and Sciences help that they need. You can do your letter in calligraphy. 

Do you enjoy throwing tiny spears down a field? The Archery Captain position may be the fit for you. This position ensures that the baronial archery practices runs smoothly and in accordance with regulations. Send your letter in by air mail. 

To submit a letter of intent simply email the Seneschal at and Baron and Baroness at saying that you would like to be considered for the position. Don’t forget to include your SCA and mundane names. 

Published: Last updated Jan 10, 2023

Written By: SunDragon Social Media

The SunDragon Social Media Officer assists the Social Media Officer with ensuring that the populace is kept up to date on news, doings, and goings on about the Barony

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