Sundragon Activities for December

Oyez, oyez, great populace of SunDragon, check out what is going on in our wonderful barony, come out and join the fun!

Populace and Officer Meeting:

Please come to the meeting and find out what is going on in the Barony. Officers are encouraged to attend and submit reports.

  • Day: Usually the first Monday of the Month
  • Date: Dec 4th
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Location: Peoria Community Center – 8335 W Jefferson St, Peoria, AZ 85345

Google meet login:

Fighter Practice: 

Fighter practice is Fighter practice is on Thursday nights at Marley Park

  • Days: Thursdays
  • Times: 7pm -10pm
  • Location: Pioneer Marley Park 15210 W Sweetwater Ave, Surprise, AZ 85379

Baron Duncan’s Wednesday Melee:

  • Day: 1st Wednesday of the month
  • Date: Dec 6th
  • Time: 7:30*10:00 pm
  • Location: Encanto Sports Complex, 2121 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA

Archery Practice:

Archery is on its winter hours. It is on the back side of the park, off of 73rd Ave. Parking on the street.

  • Days: Sundays
  • Times: 9:00am – 11:00 am
  • Location 0n: El Oso Park – 3451 N 75th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85033

Archery Tournaments:

Christmas Shoot

  • Date: Dec 17th
  • Times: 9:00am – 12 pm
  • Location: El Oso Park – 3451 N 75th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85033


Scribes is being held on Tuesdays every week. We rotate going to different people’s houses. Addresses available via messenger or on the Baronial Calendar. Online link to join the fun virtually is available on the calendar

  • Times: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Dec 5th –Lady Marion’s Mansion
  • Dec 12th Lady Moire’s Moor (Meg)
  • Dec 19th –Holiday Hiatus
  • Dec 26th – Holiday Hiatus

    Special Classes and A&S:

    “Don’t Discount the Chocolate”

    • Days: Dec 4th
    • Times: 7pm
    • Location: Peoria Community Center – 8335 W Jefferson St, Peoria, AZ 85345

    Hosted by Countess Hanim Sarolta. Come learn a bit of history about this magical fruit while we process the bean to cocoa liquor and sample what those Spanish monks doled out and shared with the rich and affluent!

    “Combat Archery with Jungle Joe – let’s do it again”

    • Days: Dec 14th
    • Times: 7pm
    • Location: Marley Park 15210 W Sweetwater Ave, Surprise, AZ 85379

    Attention populace members and hardsuit fighters! Combat Archer and Marshal, Jungle Joe, is hoping to recruit and teach volunteers to help with combat archery this year for War of the Pheonix. Archers, fighters, and non-combatants can learn and assist on the field! He will be teaching a class about the basics of combat archery and how to inspect combat ammo.

    Other important dates:

    Please note: The Baronial Calendar is a fantastic resource to reference in order to stay up to date on any activities or changes. The Baronial Calendar is located here:

    December 9th BSD Solstice

    January 7th -Southern War Practice -BMMT

    Jan 14th Central War Practice – BOA

    January 27th – Northern War Pracrice -BGM

    Jan 5th thru 12th War of the Phoenix

    March 2nd Crown Tourney -BOA

    Published: Last updated Dec 3, 2023

    Written By: SunDragon Social Media

    The SunDragon Social Media Officer assists the Social Media Officer with ensuring that the populace is kept up to date on news, doings, and goings on about the Barony

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