Service comes in many forms…..

Service is done by many members of our group in a wide variety of activites. At its core Service is volunteering to help with something. Without the service of our members we couldn’t have events, gatherings, practices, or some of the amazing art given for recognition. Some examples of service are…….

What is Largess? Many people in our group do wonderful works of art. From Tabletweaving, to making Garb, or Kumihimo (making cord with thread), leatherwork, metalwork and really any other art imaginable. When artisans donate their time and materials and make something wonderful for someone else that is considered largess. Largess is sometimes donated to a crown/coronet for personal use or to give to others that run events, inspire them in some way, or for any other reason the people want to give for. Sometimes these gifts are given from one crown to another at larger events.

Another type of service is taking photos. While not an art that was done during period; so it doesn’t fall into the Arts as a Service category, it does fall squarly into a service. Many wonderful photographers lend their talents to document, and record our history through photos. Without any of these wonderful people non of the phones on our websites would be possible!

Almost everyone provides service in one form or another. From your Local Group to your Kingdom there are officers who take on either a 1 or 2 year warrant to do a job. These jobs cover a wide variety of things. Click on the button to see all the diff offices in our Kingdom….

Some Awards for Service

  • Beacon of the Desert
  • Light of Atenveldt
  • Golden Needle
  • Golden Quill
  • Golden Trumpet
  • Pelican

What is a Pelican?

Pelicans are people who have been recognized for their Service to the Kingdom. All of them have provided substantial and continued service to our Kingdom and are true leaders when it comes to service. Some run events, some have been in officer positions, some make a lot of largess, or help organize activities within a certain community such as Archery, Rapier, or any of the other marshal activities.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved is as easy as doing. Ask someone how you can assist. Look for opportunities to help setup or take down, volunteer to be a deputy for a job that might interest you. Ask someone you know how you can contribute. As a volunteer organization we depend on people who are willing to give their time, knowledge and skills to accomplish things. Often times you will see calls for assistance, or someone that knows you might approach you for help, but don’t wait to be asked, jump in and help because sometimes people won’t ask or are afraid to ask.

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