Arts can totally be a Service

Many artisans donate time, materials, skill into a wide variety of consistant types of service. While Calligraphy and Illumination are seen as an art there are many people involved with the scribal arts that don’t study the historical aspects of that and simply design and create scrolls……

Types of Art sometimes done as Service

Calligraphy and Illumination

Feast-o-cratting (Serving Feasts)

Garb Making & Embellishing


Heralds often lend their voices to courts to make announcements, call people in, read scrolls, and perform to entertain the populace. Often times they will use Humor or poems to make court moree lively and entertaining!

Flags, Banners, Signs, and General Decor

Many artisans make beautiful banners our of silk, linen and other materials. They wll also paint lagre squares of linen that will form fabric walls for camps, or to hang in dining halls for decoration to futher enhance are atmosphere.


Book Heralding is another type of art frequently done as a service. Heralds will user their knowledge in this Art to assist people in registering names, devices, and badges!

People doing Service!

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