Land Needs Your Help!

The War of the Phoenix Land Department needs your help!

Do you want to camp with your friends at War? Then pre-register for War of the Phoenix and let us know which group you want to camp with! Land allocation for groups will close on December 31st to allow for planning of war layout.

Remember, all camping adult attendees will receive a base allotment of 250 square feet of land for their camps, but if you pre-register for war before October 31st, you’ll get an additional 100 square feet for your camp!

Are you planning to attend War of the Phoenix, but glamping the War in your RV seems like a better alternative to a tent? If you pre-register by December 31st you will get an RV spot and allow you to donate your 250 sq ft of land to a group of your choice! Preregister TODAY!

Published September 7, 2023

War of the Phoenix Promotions

The Promotions office is in charge of getting information about the War to the various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord! The promotions officer can be reached at