The War Effort Needs You!

Volunteers Needed

Have you been looking for a way to help out with War of the Phoenix?  Well, we have some positions that need to be filled and are looking for some dedicated individuals to do them.


If you think you would be a good fit for any of the below positions, please send your letter of intent to the War of the Phoenix Mains at the following email:



This individual is responsible for recruiting volunteers that support the various departments during the War.  They will coordinate with the other War departments regarding staffing needs and help volunteers find opportunities to volunteer their time at War.  They will track volunteer hours worked and facilitate the volunteer prize drawing.



This individual is responsible for keeping track of the storage Conex’s and their contents. This involves signing out items to the appropriate departments during site set-up and ensuring they are checked back in and organized by the end of War.  The Regalia coordinator is also responsible for ordering and purchasing of supplies needed for war and will work closely with the Mains to make sure all items needed are acquired.

(There is a previous regalia officer willing to offer help to the individual willing to take on this task).


Any questions or requests for additional details can be sent to Mains at the following email:

Last updated Sep 7, 2023

Written By: War of the Phoenix Promotions

The Promotions office is in charge of getting information about the War to the various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord! The promotions officer can be reached at

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