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We’ll provide some fun so you don’t have to pack it!

Youths of the known realms you are cordially invited to congregate with your peers and make new friends at the Youth Point hosted at War of the Phoenix II, Feb. 7 th -10th between the hours of 9am and 4pm! Please see our schedule to attend classes, open play &/or craft sessions, and other activities! Note there is a midday lunch closure to give our volunteers some rest.

Teens and responsible youth are highly encouraged to design, submit, and demonstrate or teach mini lessons, skills, or activities centralized upon the SCA’s themes & historical timelines for their peers and/or the younger youths present. If this interests you, please complete the form! (Click Here!)

Unless specified, a majority of the youth activities are planned to be presented to an audience between the ages of 2-10 years; however, if an older and patient youth also wishes to learn about the topic then differentiation can be provided and their specific questions will be answered to the best of volunteered ability.

Providing appropriate and engaging activities for those youths aged 0-17 requires lots of help!

Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. Interested populace should please complete this online form (Click Here!)  prior to January 31st.
If you have further questions please send them in an email to

Youth Policies at War of the Phoenix

The designated space often referred to as “Youth Point” or “Youth Corner” or other activities advertised to encourage youth participation at the War of the Phoenix are not to be construed as babysitting or childcare, and all youths need to be supervised by their parent/guardian. Any youth activity, whether arts & crafts or the fighting arts & archery, etc., requires a parent/guardian to be with their minor(s) for the duration of the activity regardless of the youth’s age. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child(ren)’s behavior and welfare and must always arrange appropriate supervision.

In compliance with the Seneschal Handbook (2021, SCA, Inc.), all official or publicized SCA Youth Activities must have one background checked adult member who acts as the official “coordinator” for the SCA Youth Activity. All youth designated activities (e.g., classes, events, activities) held at War of the Phoenix follow SCA, Inc. and War of the Phoenix Rules regarding minors, including having background checked youth officer supervision and the two-deep model at all times. If the two-deep requirement is not met, the hosted activity will have to be canceled (if possible, craft-type activities will be made available as “takeaways” to be completed elsewhere during the event).

Further details regarding Minor/Youth Related Policies can be found in the Seneschal Handbook (April 2021), by The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. at .

Participation Forms

Minor Participation Waiver Form

Download form Here

Minor Waiver: Medical & Travel Consent Form

Download form Here

Family Minor Waiver Form (Multiple Children)

Download form Here

Minor Medical Authorization Form

Download Here

Society Youth Combat Information

For more information Click Here

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