Arts and Sciences

Here you will find all the diferant things you can do at the War Of the Phoenix relating to Arts & Sciences


Learn about the Various Activities for A&S at the War

Phoenix A&S War Academy (Collegium classes)

Lady Mattea Arts and Sciences Classes will be presented by artisans of all skill levels for artisan students of all levels. If you wish to teach a class, please contact Lady Mattea at Classes will be held Thursday and Friday 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. Please look here for updates and the publication of the class schedule no later than January 2023.

Battlefield Archeology Competition (Period Artifact Competition)

Artisans! Over the centuries battles have occurred and the treasures found upon those battlefields tell us more about the Pre-17 th century period than one might imagine. For folks who enjoy research and competition, we bring to you a challenge to recreate an artifact that could have been found upon a battlefield in history – from shoes, to jewelry to tools and furniture or even fallen banners – the categories are as varied as your inspiration and creativity will allow. – Vicountess Victoria

Laurel's Prize Tournament

Are you a rapier fighter who likes to art/craft? Are you a laurel or apprentice who likes to fight rapier? Then this is your tournament. Come join us for a chance to show off both your fighting skills and your artistic/crafting skills. And the best part!!! Everyone gets a prize. It’s simple:
To enter the list you must be an authorized rapier fighter. You must be a Laurel, an apprentice, or be sponsored by a Laurel. You must also bring a prize made by your own hand to place on the prize table (a promissory note is acceptable). If your Laurel/sponsoring Laurel is at War with you, we ask to bring them along so they can extol your artistic virtue.
The format of the list (double elimination, single elimination, round robin) will be determined by the number of fighters in the list.
The fighter that comes in first will get to choose first from the prize table. Second chooses second, etc. Everyone leaves with something!

Artisan’s Tea and A&S Showcase (Tea and Chookies)

Calling all Cooks and Brewers to bring a dish to share – small bites and samples of spirits are ideal as well as non-alcoholic beverages and soups – all to be shared with the populace who are invited to display their art while our art lovers and especially our Laurels are encouraged to provide tokens to those artworks that inspire and enchant them. Performing artists are also invited to provide entertainment for this respite of the arts at our Phoenix War. – If you have questions you can email Countess Sarolta

The Firebird

Singers, Storytellers, Puppeteers, Dancers, Jesters, Jugglers and Poets are invited to perform on the Firebird stage to entertain the populace and perhaps to gain reknown; solo, duets and group performers are welcome! – Master Spelyesinger

Phoenix Known World Choir

Many voices make for beautiful music! Rehearsals will be scheduled throughout the war to culminate in performance in the Phoenix Royal Court. — Master Speylesinger

Phoenix Dance Ball

Many voices make for beautiful music! Rehearsals will be scheduled throughout the war to culminate in performance in the Phoenix Royal Court. — Master Speylesinger

Raven’s Roost Tavern

Singers and musicians who love to jam and entertain join in to make merry with Count Thomas and Friends as they revel into the night at the local Raven’s Roost Tavern – Count Thomas

War of the Phoenix

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