Office of the


The Seneschal is the main administrator for the Kingdom. They are responsible for enforcing the Society’s policies and ensuring procedure is followed.

Kingdom Seneschal

Rowan Bridget Blackmoor

Warrant Ends: 8/25/2021

Emergency Deputy Kingdom Seneschal

Nichelle Whitewolf

Warrant Ends: 11/3/2021

Deputy Kingdom Seneschal (Atenveldt 50 year)

Raven Mayne

Warrant End: 1/30/2022

Kingdom Calendar Officer

Medb McLeod (aka Verity)


Warrant Ends: 5/26/2021

Kingdom Waiver Secretary

Joseph Grunewald of York

Warrant Ends: 7/13/21

Kingdom Regnum Officer

Gwenffrey de Abergavenny

Warrant Ends: 3/1/23
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