Land at War of the Phoenix

The Crown of Atenveldt sends greetings to all attending War of the Phoenix.

There is nothing more enjoyable than showing up to a war and trying to figure out where you are camping.

Our great Land staff wants to help you with making this easier. So please go to the link below and fill out the form.

If you are a camp coordinator/camp master for your Group or Household, make sure to put your name down on the form. If not, make sure yours does. There is a decent amount of land, so help our Land Staff organize it, and we all have fun.


Craven and Elzbieta
Rex & Regina Atenveldtus

Last updated Jan 9, 2023

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Northern Groups

Barony of Ered Sul

Comprising the Flagstaff Area

Barony of Granite Mountain

Comprising all of Yavapai County

Shire of Windale

Comprising Kingman and surrounding areas

Central Groups

Barony of Atenveldt

Comprising the Central Valley

Barony of SunDragon

Comprising the West Valley

Barony of Twin Moons

Comprising the East Valley

Southern Groups

Barony of Mons Tonitrus

Comprising the Cochise County

Barony of Tir Ysgithr

Comprising the Tucson area

Shire of Burning Sands

Comprising the Yuma Area

College of St Felix

This college is affiliated with the University of Arizona (UofA)

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