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Kingdom Tournaments Illuminated Liaison

Feb 15, 2021 |

The Kingdom Chronicler is looking for letters of intent from those interested in the position of Tournaments Illuminated Liaison. Duties of the office include:

  • Coordinate writers and photographers to supply items for TI. Supply photos, captions, and copy for the Kingdom News page in TI once annually, plus necessary release forms.
  • Supply photos, captions, and copy for the kingdom arts & sciences competition winner page in TI, plus necessary release forms.
  • Coordinate an Estrella War article with photographs, captions, and copy for the “War Report in TI, plus necessary release forms.
  • Work on special projects as assigned by TI Editor/and or TI Art Director, such a finding artists/photographers to supply “stock” art and photos, and as needed for specific issues.
  • Be warranted by, and report directly to the Kingdom Chronicler, with copies of all articles/reports sent to the Tournaments Illuminated editor.

Please submit letters of intent to the Kingdom Chronicler (

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