Kingdom Exchequer Wanted

Kingdom Exchequer


This position reports to the Society Exchequer and is responsible for managing the cash and non-cash assets for the Kingdom of Atenveldt. The successful candidate does not need to have a background or experience in bookkeeping or accounting. Attention to detail and strong communication skills are a must. The Kingdom Exchequer is one of the voting members of the Kingdom Financial Committee and is charged with executing the directives of that committee.


Computer Skills:

  • Access and manage email in google email account
  • Access and organize online google folders and files
  • Proficient ability with Microsoft Excel, Adobe, Google files, folders, and email
  • QuickBooks (manage users, record checks, deposits, create and run reports)
  • Online meeting software of your choice
  • Facebook group management
  • Upload files and reports to the society SharePoint directors site


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Check email daily
  • Train and lead local group exchequers (monitor membership expirations, warrant dates, review financial policies, review quarterly reports, advise local financial committees, communication via Facebook group and email)
  • Train and lead kingdom financial deputies (emergency deputy, registration deputy, regalia deputy)
  • Run monthly Kingdom Financial Committee meetings (schedule, invitations, agenda, minutes, communication via Facebook group and email)
  • Conduct financial orientation for each new set of heirs
  • Manage annual budget process with the KFC
  • Manage annual policy review process with the KFC
  • Manage signatories on all local group accounts in coordination with society exchequer and director of personnel
  • Maintain regnum of all local and kingdom financial officers
  • Responsible to coordinate/delegate event gate responsibilities for kingdom events
  • Provide monthly reports to corporate office via QuickBooks and SharePoint uploads
  • Provide quarterly reports to corporate office via QuickBooks and SharePoint uploads
  • Complete annual doomsday report for the Society Exchequer and Society Treasurer
  • Open/Close bank accounts in coordination with the Society Exchequer, Society Treasurer, and Board of Directors
  • Responsible to coordinate/delegate book reviews for each local group every 2 years or when their exchequer officer changes


At least 3 deputies report to the kingdom exchequer. When open, the kingdom exchequer is required to execute the responsibilities of his or her deputies.

  • Emergency Deputy (required)
  • Registration Deputy (manages online registration)
  • Regalia Deputy (manages non-cash assets)


Contact the current Kingdom Exchequer ( with questions and submit a letter of intent to the Kingdom Financial Committee (

Last updated Apr 12, 2023

Written By: Kingdom Social Media

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