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Kingdom Event Registration Deputy

Aug 5, 2021

This officer position reports to the Kingdom Exchequer for an initial 2-year financial warrant. The majority of work for this office is conducted online. Candidates must:

  • Have reliable connectivity to the internet and access to Google accounts
  • Frequently check email and Facebook groups for team communication
  • Complete training and reporting requirements
  • Coach and advise event stewards about registration process for events


  1. Manage the PayPalregistration process for Atenveldt events. (Set up, individual invoicing,reporting, etc.)
  2. Transfer Funds From PayPal account to the Kingdom checking account
  3. Download,reconcile, file monthly reports for PayPal accounts
  4. Manage the SCARS registration process for Atenveldt events. (Set up,reporting, etc.)
  5. Attend quarterly meetings for exchequers
  6. Complete training and reporting requirements
  7. Assist, as able, other exchequers at gate for their events

Please submit letters of intent to the Kingdom Seneschal ([email protected]), and the Crown ([email protected])

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