Our Crown & Consort

His Majesty Craven (he/him) &

Her Majesty Elzbieta (she/her)

King & Queen of Atenveldt

Crown 9/17/2022
Coronation 11/19/2022

Fond greetings unto the populous of Atenveldt,

We are blessed to have the opportunity to sit on the thrones of this glorious kingdom once again. We have met and made many friends during Our pastreigns and look forward to the additional friends We will make during this one. Therefore, We encourage Our populace to share their dreams with Us during Our reign, for it is the populace of Atenveldt that truly keeps the dream alive for the Crown!

Many great and joyous things are on Our minds as We look forward and begin preparing for the War of the Phoenix. It has been a long time since Atenveldt has come together on such a grand scale. We know Atevenldlt is ready once again to welcome our friends as their host. We encourage the populace to begin their preparations and get registered for the war, if they have not yet done so. It is time to let the Aten Sun shine bright throughout the Known world once again.

For the glory of Atenveldt.
Craven & Elzbieta

Royal Progress

Events their Royal Majesties will be in attendance.

  • Sundragon Solstice/Investiture – 10th (BSD)
  • Starkhafn Yule – 17th (Barony of Starkhafn, Kingdom of Caid)
  • Sun, Sands and Swords – 7th (SBS)
  • Southern War Practice – 8th (SBS)
  • Kingdom 12th Night – 14th (BTM)
  • Central War Practice – 15th (BTM)
  • Northern War Practice – 21st (BGM)
  • War of the Phoenix – 1st-5th
  • Spring Event (BA)
  • Great Helm/Investiture – 4th (BTY)
  • Crown Tournament – 18th & 19th (BGM)
  • Sable Night – 1st (CSF)
  • Spring Fling – 15th (SWD)
  • Kingdom A&S – 22nd (BSD)- HRM Elzbieta Only
  • Barmaids – 29th (BMT)
  • Coronation- 20th (BMT)

Crown’s Request of Their Populace 

We encourage all to be kind and respectful of each other. Even if doubt or uncertainty takes hold of you at any given moment, remember the power of the shovel talisman. We encourage our populace to wear it again as a reminder of the power of love and kindness over division and gossip. Please enjoy this humorous reminder of the foundation of the shovel’s tradition (link). Wear your shovel and remember the power of kindness and respect! 


Need to know: HRMs persona is 14th C Welsh. He enjoys long walks on the beach during sunsets, wishes peace to humankind, and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys heraldic things, fighting hardsuit and rapier, and seeing the fun arts people do.

Color Preference: black & red 

Drink Preference:

  • Water
  • Coffee – black with light sugar
  • Alcoholic Variety:
    • Gin & Tonic
    • Tequila Sunrise
    • Lager style beer (Stella, Corona, etc.)

Snack Preference:

  • Loves vegetables, meats, hard cheeses and olives for snacks
  • Is trying to avoid high calorie snacks


Need to know: HRMs persona is a 14th C Polish. She loves her dog and adores rats (yes, rats). Loves heraldry, hats, and fighting rapier. And is fond of wearing 14th c boy clothing on days that end in ‘y’. 

Color preference: blue, white, black 


  • Water
  • Coffee – black, double sweet
  • Alcoholic Variety:
    • Any non-IPA style beer
    • White wine
  • Loves vegetables, meats and olives for snacks
  • Chips and salsa (especially when hot)


  • Indian food
  • Not a big drinker of mead or hard alcohol and is sadly allergic to red wine

Kron the Mighty


  • Water
  • Soda
  • For snacks, he is a typical kid and will eat pretty much anything if he is in the mood and yes, he is picky.
  • He has no known allergies


  • Pineapple
  • Olives
  • Almonds
  • Super sour stuff & super spicy stuff


He is hoping to be able to have some fun on the archery field or with youth rapier, as available. He likes wooden swords, stuffies, and games. 

Crown’s Whim

Largess is always graciously welcomed, especially items that can be shared with our populace. 

To that end, to create suitable gifts, We would ask that they meet some of the following criteria:

  • Be labeled with a description and your name
  • Be durable and unaffected by heat.
  • Be suitable to present to Crowns and Coronets of foreign lands
  • Be small enough to pack and to go on a plane. This also applies to gift containers.
  • Make multiples of the same item so that foreign Crowns may then gift them to their populace.
  • NOTE: Scented items must include an ingredients list and be packaged in sealed zip-loc bags. This will allow us to screen for allergies, prevent cross contamination of items, and maintain the condition of the largess.

Court of Their Royal Majesties

King & Queen

 Craven (he/him) & Elzbieta (she/her)

Prince Royal

Kron the Mighty

Head of Court

Arianna Marie della Luna

Chaplet Herald


Eirik Stjarnason

Head Lady In Waiting

Emelyn Katrin Fraser


Captain Of The Guard

Eugene Haraldson

King's Champion

Count Marek the Jew

King's Cut & Thrust Champion

Lord Lucjan Maciej Niemira

Shield Of Chivalry

Eugene Haraldson

Queen's Rapier Champion

Master Taka Kensei

Queen's Champio

Lord Fergus Mór mac Seáin


Baldric der Krieger

Crossbow Champion

Master Pól Ó Coileáin

Bard Of The Sun

Runa Gigja

Art's & Sciences Champion

Mattea Locatelli

Handbow Champion

Master Johan of Hawksley

Thrown Weapons Champion

Lord Kakujo of Hawksley

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