Their Royal Majesties

His Majesty Czypser (he/him) &

Her Majesty Mineko (she/her)

King & Queen of Atenveldt

Crown 3-11-2023
Coronation 05-20-2023


We bid you warm welcome to the Kingdom of Atenveldt! His Royal Majesty has great interests in all manner of Fighting, Archery, Metal Work and Shoe Making. Her Royal Majesty finds Herself on the Heavy Fields, crafting Pottery, and sometimes creating Garb & Accessories with friends. No matter what your interests in Pre-17th Century arts and life, We would love to share and learn together! We would encourage you to try all the things! Join us on the thrown weapons range, archery practice, wherever we may be. We are very much looking forward to seeing you across the Kingdom and abroad. Whatever brings you here to read this missive, We hope you are hale, hearty and healthy.

If you have further need of Us or questions unanswered, please email

Czypser & Mineko
Pringkepas Pringképissa

Royal Progress

Events their Royal Majesties will be in attendance.

  • May 20 Coronation/Champions (BMT)
  • June 8-11 Highlands (BES)
  • June 24-25 Fabric War (BSD)
  • June 27- July 2nd Battlemoor (Outlands)
  • June 27- July 2nd Battlemoor (Outlands)
  • July 15 BOA Anniversary (BOA)
  • July 29 Mideast Feast (BTM)
  • August 4 – August 11 Pennsic
  • August 19th – Too Darn Hot/Champions and Investiture (BES)
  • August 31-September 4 Polaris (BGM)
  • September 23rd Crown (BES)
  • October 5-9 Great Western War (Caid)
  • Oct 14th – Kingdom A&S (BA)
  • October 19-22 Melee Camp (BMT/BTY)
  • November 11 Coronation (BTY)

Alverik Czypser

Persona: 350-300 BC Greek/Thracian in the time of Alexander the Great

Colors: Red, Black, White, Earth tones


  • Drinks: water, lemonade, froofy cocktails, cider
  • Food: Mac n’ Cheese, Quesadillas, meat, cheese, Chicken Nuggets with Ranch
  • happy people, kindness & Malort


  • Malort, beer & wine

*no known allergies

Gifts/Largess: handmade preferred, unscented, Greek persona items, hand crafted tools

Mineko of Monster Hall​

Persona: does not have a time period committed persona, loves clothes and dresses for the weather

Colors: Orange, Grey, Jewel tones, Earth tones


  • Drinks: coffee with cream/oatmilk and honey or sweetener (any flavor except hazelnut), unsweet tea, gin cocktails (prefers botanical over juniper), grapefruit juice
  • Food: Cured meat, cheese, snacks, pasty/meat pies, spicy, I am a noodle Asian
  • Loud laughter, big smiles, parties


  • the scent of Vanilla, olives, common mushrooms, raw onions, beer, wine & vodka

Avoids: berries, seeds (including corn) & nuts

Gifts/Largess: handmade preferred, unscented, handcrafted, functional items for garb

Crown’s Whim

Largess is always graciously welcomed, especially items that can be shared with our populace. 

To that end, to create suitable gifts, We would ask that they meet some of the following criteria:

  • Be labeled with a description and your name
  • Be durable and unaffected by heat.
  • Be suitable to present to Crowns and Coronets of foreign lands
  • Be small enough to pack and to go on a plane. This also applies to gift containers.
  • Make multiples of the same item so that foreign Crowns may then gift them to their populace.
  • NOTE: Scented items must include an ingredients list and be packaged in sealed zip-loc bags. This will allow us to screen for allergies, prevent cross contamination of items, and maintain the condition of the largess.

Court of Their Royal Majesties

King & Queen

Czypser (he/him) & Mineko (She/her)

Head Lady

Mistress Rowan Bridget Blackmoor


 Duchess Elizabeth Aethelwulf

Crown Herald

Sir Valora Tou Ayiva

Chaplet Herald

Sir Nikita Dobryna Kievich 


Duke Morgan Aethelwulf

Viscount James Kristof

Mistress of Robes

Mistress Gilliana Leigh Gallway


Captain Of The Guard

Professor Conrad Bombast Von Tritenheim

Largess Coordinators

Mistress Irisko Aranyas

Lady Juliette Marion Geant

Interkingdom Provocateur

Count Marek the Jew

Sir Adrian of Monster Hall


Lordship Liam Warr

Shield Of Chivalry

Duke Aaron Graves

King's Champion

King's Cut & Thrust Champion

Queen's Champion

Queen's Rapier Champion

Ra’id Ibn Al Za’rur

Bard Of The Sun

Art's & Sciences Champion

Thrown Weapons Champion

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