Shire of Burning Sands

Welcome to the Shire Burning Sands We are located in Yuma, AZ. Shires are a bit different than Baronies. We are smaller groups that are represented by a Seneschal instead of Coronets. Shires also do not have awards specific to their group as we do not have Coronets.

Shire Meetings and Practices

Shire Meetings & Practices

Practice and meetings are held at Sanguinetti Park Saturdays at 9 am


badge of the seneschal


Eugene Haraldson

Warrant Ends 02/28/2024
exchequer badge

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Isabel Inghean Alasdair

Warrant Ends 12/12/2024

Knight Marshal

Patreke Jarngrimsson

Warrant Ends 09/14/2021
badge of the seneschal


Aeschina MacDugall

Warrant Ends N/A
exchequer badge

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Mihil von Brandenburg

Warrant Ends N/A

Archery Marshal

Alycie Wylde

Warrant Ends N/A
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