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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to anticipate all of the questions attendees at Estrella War may have about the event and provide that information on this website.

What does, “retire our plans” mean?

In this case, it means we will not be hosting the Estrella War as anticipated for 2021 nor for the foreseeable future in its current incarnation. We will be considering and seeking in earnest, all of our options moving forward in an effort to generate some type of large scale camping event (or events) for future years.

What ideas are there now for an alternative?

We are interested in hearing ideas and hope that the populace across all our lands are open to new considerations. It may be that we simply host the event with less frequency, or consider multiple smaller events per year or are limited in our number of attendees at a smaller site. Perhaps Atenveldt and the Outlands will switch hosting year to year. We are absolutely open and amenable to new or even recycled ideas that might work better in our current or future environment. What we can promise is that both kingdoms have an interest in finding a solution for our future and maintaining the strong bonds and culture that we have formed through this partnership. Both kingdoms have committed to preserving the November date on our respective calendars in anticipation of future events.

Aren’t our traditions and history worth the risk of having war anyway?

No tradition is worth the risk of having no financial support for our kingdom. Atenveldt pays for 100% of the expenses incurred for Estrella War. The expenses historically come from a robust savings fund, which has dwindled in recent years to less than half of our needed budget. There are no safeguards outside of the Kingdom of Atenveldt’s bank accounts, which cannot and should not be depleted for the sake of one event, no matter how beloved.

Is there still funding in the EW account and how will this be disbursed?

While not enough to support an event the size and scope of Estrella War, there are still funds available. We will preserve these in a general war fund until such time as we are able to approach a new war opportunity. The funds will not be disbursed to the general fund or any groups.

You told us last month that Estrella War was on, what happened between then and now?

Like you, we were excited to hear the restrictions on size and camping events were lifted, allowing us to move forward with Estrella planning. When reviewing the final proposals for the budget, even with an increase to the site fee and a one time non-refundable fee (which would likely have priced out many potential attendees) we realized that the costs to host Estrella War was dramatically increased and out of our range.

I understand why this war was too much of a risk, but why not try for 2022?

Costs have increased, health concerns affect not only the SCA but the vendors as well, and those costs are passed on from the vendors to us. As much as we would like, the hard truth is that nothing will change between now and 2022 that would make Estrella War financially viable. It is irresponsible and unnecessary for the staff, officers, and populace to continue to plan for an event that we cannot afford. When and if we find ourselves in a different situation in the future, we will reconsider an inter-kingdom war.

Can we just revive the Southern Crusades / Barons War?

These events were baronial level events, as are Highlands and Mixed Weapons War. The Kingdom can (and will) absolutely consider large-scale camping events over the course of the year as well as supporting wars in other kingdoms such as Battlemoor, Great Western War, West-An Tir, Lilies, Gulf Wars, Harvest Wars, Pennsic and more.

Why was this decision made? How did we get to this point

While reviewing our expenses, we realized that with the new site, increased costs from vendors, increased costs dealing with Covid-19, the extra precautions to safeguard the populace at a large war like Estrella, we needed attendance at a level we haven’t seen in almost 10 years. Ultimately, we realized that it is not fiscally responsible for us to move forward with the Estrella War. The following are several of the contributing factors and considerations:

  • Fewer expected attendees since many folks have experienced financial hardships this last year, making travel and events a burden.
  • Unknown reopening needs for the next several years while prices will likely continue to rise.
  • Groups have not been able to add to their savings this last year and may find themselves relying on kingdom support. We cannot put kingdom savings at risk, which would be required in the event Estrella suffered another loss.
  • Kingdom of Atenveldt and Estrella War savings are separate entities, but if Estrella War loss exceeded the savings, the Kingdom of Atenveldt would be obligated to cover said losses.
  • For the war to go forward, more than breaking even, we would need significant gains to re-establish our historic levels of savings and this is unlikely to happen in the current financial environment.
  • Increase in expenses (primarily with vendors) needed to accommodate a large-scale war.
  • Payouts from Estrella savings in the form of refunds and volunteer hours for the last two years while Estrella was not profitable (attendance has been decreasing year over year).
    Who made this decision?

    The Estrella War Financial Committee which is comprised of several officers from Atenveldt and the Outlands made the final decision.

    Why didn't you ask or poll the populace before making this decision?

    The burden of our fiscal responsibilities are not more or less restrictive based on the populace’s wishes. We all want to have Estrella War and made every consideration possible for changes to the event and reductions in amenities. The committee faced with the decision did not make it lightly or easily.

    Why didn’t you just cut out all the amenities like golf carts and tent rentals?

    Our first efforts were to see what could be done to reduce expenses. Many of the amenities are necessary for the attendees and while cancelling them might save some money here and there, the largest expenses in the budget are increases to required amenities such as portable toilets, and would not have been enough to allow the event to take place.

    Aren’t we still going to lose a bunch of money on deposits already spent?

    We are early enough that we will not lose anywhere near as much. We do have some expenses that we have incurred already, but to delay and potentially fail, would mean higher expenses that the Kingdom cannot afford. Simply put, the

    leanest war budget is more than $220,000, while our available funds are half that amount.

    Where can I find the budget?

    The entirety of the proposed 2021 Estrella War budget will be published in the Southwind at our earliest opportunity. In the meantime, critical line items and a general view will be provided on the website released at the same time as this notice.

    What will happen to the storage containers and Estrella Regalia?

    We are reviewing our options for maintaining the conexes on the current property where they reside (we have rented the space for a year) or moving them to a more permanent space until we have a better idea of future events.

    Why are the expenses so much more? (i.e. Did Covid, moving dates, or moving sites cause this?)

    No single element created this, but rather a combination of all the changes in the last several years have either cost us money (rainy Estrellas with lower attendance, volunteer payouts without a profitable war, etc.) or increased expenses (new location with unknown cleaning charges, new vendors required that were items managed by the Schnepf Farms staff, etc.)

    I have a great idea for a war, where do I send my ideas?

    We anticipate and look forward to a significant amount of ideas for consideration and ask that you share them to This ensures all parties will have the opportunity to review your plans and potential bids.

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