Highlands War

War Information

FAQ – Highlands War: War for Middle Earth (2023)

Site Information

Is pre-reg required?

No, but it is appreciated.

Are you doing land allocation or land grab?

A bit of both. Space is restricted. Please ask land agents or head of household to contact Christopher Aristotle via Facebook Messenger.

How do I check in with dry RV?

We have limited space for RV’s, so you should have already worked with Baroness Elena (Tina Batt) to pre-register your RV. Once you get on site report to gate for check-in and instructions. Call Tina Batt with questions at (602) 446-8783.

Are there any restrictions/site rules?

  • No glass beer/soda/mead bottles. Drinks sold in glass contains can be brought to the site, but do not carry them around. Please transfer these drinks to non-glass mugs, cups, horns, etc. for drinking and carefully dispose of all glass trash.
  • Fire pits and grills must be propane/gas. No wood or charcoal.
  • No other open fires of any sort are permitted (no candles, no tiki torches, etc.)
  • No fire, even propane, is allowed directly under any of the trees. Please layout your camp accordingly.

Does the Payson Event Center and Rodeo Grounds have amenities?

On site will be potable water that can be hauled to camps. Grey water (from camps, not RV’s) can be dumped in culverts and ditches. We are minutes from numerous stores, restaurants and hotels.

Are pets allowed onsite?

Absolutely. Pets on leash at all times. Gila County requires must be rabies vaccinated.

What else should I know?

We would recommend rugs and ground cloths to keep dust town and plan your camp around shade. There are some areas with trees that can accommodate smaller groups. In some of those areas the ground slopes, so something to level your tables and cots is suggested.

How about the ground?

The ground is very hard. Plastic steaks, rebar and wrought iron don’t do well. We recommend nails with washers or even better are bolts with an impact driver.  (Please put the ground is very hard all caps).

Activities Information

Will there be melees?

  • Friday after melee’s will be the baronial Champion of Champions tournament for both hard suit and rapier.
  • Saturday after melee’s will be Kings champion tournament (open to all hard suiters to participate) as well as the Queen’s rapier champion.

Will there be a hardsuit tournament?

On Saturday after melees we will be holding a mixed weapons bearpit that will function as both Highlands War Tourney AND Warlords. The four rounds will be sword & shield, two weapon style, bastard sword, and finally great weapons (greatsword, glaive or greataxe). Bring weapons and gauntlets.

Will there be a rapier tournament?

On Friday after melees, we will be holding the Slipper Dick Todd Rapier Wit Competition. Where your repartee and insults will count as highly as your technique with your weapons.

Is combat archery allowed?

With some limitations. For safety reason, we will have designed fields of fire (i.e. on the main field you can only fire north and west).

Will there be bardic?

  • Friday night at 8:00 p.m. will be Lord of the rings themed Bardic Circle.
  • Saturday night at around 8:00 will be the Kingdom Bard of the Sun competition.

Will there be target archery?

  • Thursday open range time.
  • Saturday a youth shoot and the War Tournament.

What about the arts? And also the sciences?

On Saturday there will be an A&S showcase and competition for Lord of the Rings themed items.  Please contact Shannon Moore on Facebook Messenger for more information.

Will there be youth activities?

There will be youth activities and a youth corner on both Friday and Saturday.