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Spring Crown List

In just over a month Their Royal Majesties will hold their Crown Tournament giving a chance for those worthy to step forward for the honor of ruling our mighty kingdom. After gathering the names of those with the strength and fortitude to accept this responsibility, We present that list.

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War of the Phoenix

The Kingdom’s biggest event held in Februrary.

Highlands War

The Northern War, hosted by Barony of Ered Sul usually at the beginning of June.

Border Wars

Website Coming Soon!

News & Calender

Kingdom Calendar

See all that is happening around the Kingdom.

Kingdom & Baronial Events Website

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Northern Groups

Barony of Ered Sul

Comprising the Flagstaff Area

Barony of Granite Mountain

Comprising all of Yavapai County to include Prescott & Chino Valley

Shire of Windale

Comprising Kingman and surrounding areas

Central Groups

Barony of Atenveldt

Comprising the Central Phoenix Valley

Barony of SunDragon

Comprising the West Phoenix Valley

Barony of Twin Moons

Comprising the East Phoenix Valley

Southern Groups

Barony of Mons Tonitrus

Comprising the Cochise County to include Sierra Vista, Benson, St David.

Barony of Tir Ysgithr

Comprising the Tucson area

Shire of Burning Sands

Comprising the Yuma Area

College of St Felix

This college is affiliated with the University of Arizona (UofA)


Their Royal Majesties

Previous Reigns

Learn about the previous Kings & Queens of Atenveldt.


Learn about the awards that people can be recognized with.

Recommend an Award

See someone deserving of recognition? Put them in for an award.

New to the SCA?

Learn more about the Kingdom of Atenveldt, the SCA and how to play locally.

Document Library

Find all the useful documents from the different offices.

Kingdom History

The Kingdom Wiki has tons of useful info like award charters, history, member profiles, etc.

Event Steward Training

Test your knowledge and get a grasp of stewarding your groups next event!

Fighter Authorization Cards

Request your authorizations, and print your card.

Order of Precedence

See what awards people have, their heraldry, and maybe even a photo.

News Archives for Event Listings!

Barony of Atenveldt Investiture

The Barony of Atenveldt is proud to announce that the Investiture of Master Nikolaus von Erlach and Lady Valdis Skarpa. Click to learn more and Register for the event!

Sundragon Day in the Park Event

A day in the park event has been announced for the Barony of Sundragon. Click to find out where and when this event will be!

Kingdom Day in The Park

Come and join us as we revel at meeting in person once more. The southernmost barony, protector of the border, invites you to the Kingdom’s Day in the Park. We will be hosting a meet and greet event on the 28th August of this fine year of 2021. The site will open at 3pm so that we might have the cool evening breeze to participate in activities.

Southern Day in the Park

A new day in the park event has been announced. This time it is located in the Gem of Atenveldt the Barony of Tir Ysgithr. Click to find out more!

Central Valley Day in the Park

Greetings, we would like everyone to know that the day in the park event for this weekend is now open to everyone! Click to find out more.

Northern Day in the Park

Greetings, we would like everyone to know that the day in the park event for this weekend is now open to everyone! Click to find out more.

Southern Day in the Park

A day in the park has been announced for the Southern Event Day located in the Barony of Mons Tonitrus on Aug 28th. Click to find out more!

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