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A&S Show & Tell

Come to the A&S Show and Tell, Sunday, March 21!

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Changes To Corpora

At the March 2nd, 2021 conference call, the Board approved changes to Corpora, located within the Governing Documents of the SCA.

Winners of the Royal Prize Tournament

What an amazing event! We are absolutely astonished at the number and quality of entries that we received for the Royal Prize artisan showcase! Our winners are: Glass & Ceramics, Princess’ Choice: Chuck Burton Bardic, Prince’s Choice: Matt Cecil Service Projects,...

The Crown Visits The Barony of Tir Ysgithr

Saturday, March 6th Barony of Tir Ysgithr Reid Park1pm – 3pm  We will have scrolls for the following individuals:  ♦ Ambrose the Gutless ♦ Augaire Uisnigh ♦ Avelina Skarlet ♦ Blossom ♦ Ceridwen Verch Deykin ♦ Craven ♦ Demetrios of Crete ♦ Domagnev Volkovich ♦ Eduard...

The Crown Visits The Barony March of Mons Tonitrus

Saturday, March 6th The Barony March of Mons Tonitrus Veterans Memorial Park 10am – 12pm The Crown will have scrolls for the following individuals: ♦ Abbott David ♦ Alkibiades Attikou Argeios ♦ Clara Luisa da Livorno ♦ Daphne of Karyes ♦ Finnian MacBride ♦ Floki the...

The Crown Will Be Travelling

Hail, fair Atenveldt!  In the coming weeks, We will be traveling across the Kingdom, bringing scrolls, medallions, and prizes with Us to the various groups.  When We arrive in each location, there are specific rules that We all have to keep in mind, so that We all...

The Aten Inquisition with THL Rian & Lord Sebastian

This week on the Atenveldt Inquisition, THL Rian and Lord Sebastian are subjected to a painstaking interrogation by Their Royal Majesties, Morgan & Elizabeth! Watch the entire series at: #MySCA...

Atenveldt Royal Prize Tournament

Oyez, Oyez! The Kingdom of Atenveldt is proud to announce the first ever virtual Royal Prize Tournament! The competition is open to anyone from any Kingdom.Categories are:  Heraldic Display  Armor/Weapons  Home Improvements  Metal Work  Textile Projects  Non-SCA Art...

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