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From the Society Seneschal – Blanket Variance for Reign Changes After June 1, 2021

Each kingdom and each principality in the Known World may set its schedule for Crown Tourneys, Coronations, Coronet Tourneys, and Investitures in the coming months in a way that works best for the kingdom, provided that the kingdom or principality holds the appropriate tourney and crowns the new royalty by January 31, 2022. A variance is hereby granted for any kingdom or principality laws covering the dates these events are to be held, subject to this condition.

The Aten Inquisition with Aud

This week on the Aten Inquisition, Aud the Beardless is grilled by Their Royal Majesties, Morgan and Elizabeth.

The Kingdom needs your help!

Are you a service oriented person? Have you run events, feast-o-cratted, or provided service and want to write a “How-To” article? Click to find out more!

Atenveldt Ethereal Court III

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!!!

Their Royal Majesties, Morgan and Elizabeth, do invite you to the third Ethereal Court of 2021 and the first of A.S. LVI (56).

The Aten Inquisition with Sancha

This week on the Atenveldt Inquisition, Her Ladyship Sancha is subjected to interrogation by Their Royal Majesties, Morgan and Elizabeth.

SCA Announcements

There were 5 announcements released by the SCA this week. Please visit the website for a summary of the announcements.

May Southwind Extra: Reopening & FAQ

This Special Edition of the Southwind contains all of the current information for the Kingdom Reopening as found on our website FAQ. This edition also contains a reprint of the April 1, 2021 "Society Resolution to Lift Suspension of In-Person Activity in the SCA...

Atenveldt Collegium Approaches!

Next week is the Kingdom Collegium. IF you would like to see the class offerings or teach a class click here to learn more!

The College of Brymstone Is Dissolved.

Greetings unto the Glorious Populace of the the Solar Kingdom of Atenveldt.

It is with great sadness that we must announce the dissolution of the College of Brymstone, a branch of our fair Kingdom.

Kingdom Reopening FAQ and Plan

The Kingdom Leadership has put together a FAQ for reopening and moving forward. Click here to find out more.

Kingdom Seneschal

Letters of Intent are being accepted for a Kingdom Seneschal.

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