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Kingdom Chatelaine

Feb 15, 2021 |

The Kingdom of Atenveldt is in need of someone to take on the honor of serving as the Kingdom Chatelaine. As the office has ongoing initiatives, candidates should be willing to work with the existing Newcomer Task Force in administering these efforts. The initiatives are data driven endeavors intended to reduce obstacle for Newcomers and empower the populace of Atenveldt in supporting Newcomers as they transition into Society for Creative Anachronism. The following description of duties is not exhaustive:

  • Coordinate and assist Local Group Chatelaines, Hospitallers and/or Local Group Gold Key officers in the recruitment of new members.
  • Warrant and maintain a current roster of subordinate officers (Local Group Chatelaines, Hospitallers and Gold Key officers).
  • Work with the Kingdom Seneschal to coordinate, assist, and support formation and growth of Incipient Groups from initial contact with the SCA through formation of an Incipient group, and advancement in group status.
  • Be warranted by, and report directly to, the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal.

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