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Kingdom Emergency Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences

Oct 21, 2020 |

The Kingdom Emergency Deputy Minister of Arts & Sciences is delegated specific tasks instructed by the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences (KMOAS) and in the event that the KMOAS is unable to fulfill the duties of their warrant, these duties are taken on by the Kingdom Emergency Deputy Minster of Arts & Sciences. The KMOAS’ overall duties are:

  • Interpret and maintain the Kingdom rules for the Arts and Sciences Competitions
  • With the Kingdom Seneschal, be responsible for soliciting bids for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition and Collegium
  • Promote the historically accurate reproduction of pre-17th Century arts and sciences through Arts and Sciences competitions, education, and demonstrations
  • Be responsible for advising the Crown of the fulfillment of the Kingdom Champion of Arts and Sciences duties and responsibilities at the completion of the Champion’s year of service
  • Be responsible for maintaining and accounting for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences regalia
  • Solicit and approve articles for submission in a recurring Arts and Sciences publication, entitled Atenveldtus Glorious. The issue may be published in the format deemed most suitable at the time – if it is to be a printed document, the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister will also work to raise funds for the print version and coordinate with the Kingdom Chronicler for the actual production of the issue.
    • This publication will be issued at least biennially (every other year) or more frequently as funds, resources and articles become available.
  • Be responsible for advising judges in competition as to fair judging format and ensure that judging criteria are readily provided to Arts and Sciences Officers in each group within the Kingdom
  • With other Greater and Lesser Officers, implement and adhere to the financial and reporting guidelines in Section XIV: Estrella War
  • Foster the creation and growth of guilds within the Kingdom

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