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Kingdom Deputy Calendar Officer

Oct 21, 2020 |

The Kingdom Deputy Calendar Officer is delegated specific tasks instructed by the Kingdom Calendar Officer. The Kingdom Calendar Officer’s overall duties are:

  • Be warranted by, and report directly to, the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown
  • Publish and maintain an accurate Kingdom Calendar showing all events planned by official SCA groups in Atenveldt for the current calendar year and the next calendar year as follows:
    • Ensure the calendar for the current month, and the 5 months following the current month, shall be published in the Kingdom Newsletter and on the Kingdom Website each month
    • Ensure that all Kingdom Events bids that have been accepted by the Kingdom Financial Committee are updated and shown on the calendar
    • By March of each year, open the calendar for the following calendar year, and schedule any
    • Kingdom Calendar meeting(s) required to define the calendar. These meetings shall be jointly run by the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Calendar Officer
  • Baronies shall be limited to a maximum of three Kingdom Calendar events per year. Shires and Colleges may each schedule up to two Kingdom Calendar events per year
  • Baronies that combine an event with another Barony may schedule a maximum of one combined event plus three independent events on the Kingdom Calendar per year
  • Work with the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Chronicler to ensure the submission of Event Forms for all calendar event and maintain a current file of those forms

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