Kingdom of Atenveldt


Arts & Sciences

Arts and Sciences is the lifeblood of our organization.

A&S covers a Variety of activites from Dyeing, Woodworking, Metalwork, Fiber Arts, Research, & the list goes on and on. If it was something done during the Middle Ages chances are you will find someone doing it in our organization. Check out the Kingdom Wiki for more information on the variety of Arts and Sciences we do!


Artisans Now

Interviews of Artisans within our community

Kingdom Youtube Channel

Training videos, courts and other things relating to our Kingdom

Kingdom A&S Guilds

See a list of Guilds on our Kingdom, and how to get a hold of them!

Kingdom Laurels

See a list of Active Laurels in our Kingdom and what they do!

Meet our current A&S Champion

Sir Domingo Diaz de la Vega y Martin, OL, OOD (patent pending) won the Kingdom A&S Championship in September 2019.

News & Updates

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