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Friday, September 22, 2017
Royalty * 95th Crown of Atenveldt, Ailgheanan and Amber * Royal Preferences of TRM Ailgheanan and Amber
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TRH Ailgheanan and Amber cannot accept any gifts or items containing egg as an ingredient or component. Their daughter Princess Royale Chloe has a life-threatening allergy to egg by contact or ingestion. It is an ingredient in many foods, a component in some paints and resists, and even appears in a few shampoos and soaps. Please be mindful of this at events where she is in attendance, and consider courteous precautions like not disposing of food on the ground.

TRHs’ personas are generally Norse. HRH Ailgheanan is a Norse-Gaels jarl living in the last years of the ninth century near Dublin and HRH Amber prefers all Viking, all the time. (favorite researchers include Thor Ewing and Nille Glaesel). They share an interest in Roman, Viking, and Bronze Age clothing and accessories including woven belts and trim, amber, bead, and crafted metal jewelry. They enjoy literature from all these periods, and have a soft spot for sagas. HRH Amber strives to reduce and hide mundanities at events while it's not uncommon to find HRH Ailgheanan waving a terrible towel and checking his iPhone for scores. The Princesses Royale enjoy time with others their age, and hope to become more involved with archery.

Preferences of HRH Amber -
HRH Amber has migraines, and avoids a few triggers. Culprits include:
  • Foods- MSG (monosodium glutamate), sodium nitrite (deli meats, many canned soup stocks and bouillon cubes), artificial sweeteners, and soy sauce
  • Strong scents- Cigarette/cigar smoke and strong perfumes in any form (spray, bath salts, lotions, etc.)

    Likes for Drinks: Bottled water, brewed tea (with sugar, no lemon), fruit juice, coffee (with milk/cream and sugar, or call it a Starbucks venti Flat White)

    Likes for Snacks and Food: Washed fruit and vegetables, hummus, cheeses, pita, nuts (especially macadamia), unprocessed meats.

    Dislikes: Her migraine triggers, fishy smelling fish, wild game, and egg (if Chloe is in attendance)

    Preferences of HRH Ailgheanan -
    Drinks: Bottled Water, unsweet tea, Gatorade, V8, Black Coffee (or the occasional sweet Turkish Coffee and if at Starbucks: Venti Mocha Frap with 2 extras shots), cheap light beer, craft beers (but He is NOT a hops freak), gin and tonic (extra lime), margaritas, and he's constantly in search of the world's greatest Bloody Mary.

    Likes for Snacks and Food: Generally omnivorous, lean meats, veggies, and cheeses

    Dislikes: Hops, squishy foods like oysters and snails, seafood that smells like it, cordials

    Preferences of the Princesses Royales - Chloe, Regan and Emolga
    See warning for Life Threatening Egg Allergy.  Unless the preparer is skilled in dealing with food allergies and reducing cross contamination risk, they do better with unopened containers with the food labels (ingredients) still listed.

    Drinks: Fruit juice, bottled water, chocolate milk, milk

    Likes for Snacks and Food: Nutella, peanut butter, jelly, breads, cheeses, nuts, washed fruit (prefer organic), dried/freeze dried fruits, pita chips, Nutter Butter cookies, other chips/popcorn, chicken

    Dislikes: EGG!!!

  • Royal Preferences of TRM Ailgheanan and Amber

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