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Saturday, April 21, 2018
Royalty * 77th Crown of Atenveldt, TRM Phelan and Amirah * Royal Personal Preferences of Phelan and Amirah
 Phelan and Amirah's Preferences  


His Majesty's Preferences Her Majesty's Preferences

Bottled water preference = Dasani
Non-alcoholic preferences = Blue Low Carb Rockstar, cranberry juice, Gatorade
Alcoholic preferences = Beer (just about anything, he is not picky), Irish whiskey, Potcheen, Gin and Tonics, Dirty Martinis.

Bottled water preference = Evian and Arrowhead
Non-alcoholic preferences = Arizona Green Tea in a can (she likes the metal taste better than bottles), Unsweetened cold and hot teas, Peach Snapple, Blue Gatorade
Alcoholic preferences = Margaritas, Mimosas, Mai Tais, Redbridge Beer, Barenjager, Patron Silver or any other 100% agave tequila.

Meat, cheese (extra sharp cheddar is his favorite), and crackers. However, he will not turn anything away unless it is eggplant, squash/zucchini, or peas. ANY Chocolate.

Veggie trays, Meat & Cheese (Muenster and cheddar), Fruits. DARK Chocolate

Other Things…
His persona is a Roman Irish Celt, however he enjoys all periods and cultures. His favorite color is blue and he loves his heraldry on displays.

Other Things…
  She is Andalusian, and she loves Middle Eastern clothes. Her favorite color is Blue, but she loves all jewel tones as well. She is a hardsuit fighter and will be on the field with the army.

Special Note:
She has a severe Gluten Allergy (Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley or any derivates from these). Please check ingredient labels for “Gluten Free” or “Contains Gluten”

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