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Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Officer Want Ads
 Kingdom Want Ads  

Kingdom Royal Archer

The Kingdom Royal Archer is looking for letters of intent from those interested in the position. The position duties and requirements are located in the Lex Atenveldtus, computer and email usage are required.

Email letters of intent to;; (Posted January 2019)

Kingdom Waiver Secretary

The Kingdom Seneschal is looking for an individual
to manage the collection of waivers from all our local groups. Maintain the electronic storage and destruction of un-needed paper copies, and computer communication, electronic transfer capabilities are required. This officer reports monthly to the Kingdom Seneschal.
All interested parties should contact the Kingdom Seneschal

Further details for the position is located in Lex
Atenveldtus. (Posted February 2019)

Emergency Deputy Kingdom Keeper of the Regalia

The Kingdom Regalia Officer and Kingdom Exchequer  are soliciting applications for the position of Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia. This position reports to the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia.
Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia works with the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia to maintain all items owned by the Kingdom and local groups including Estrella War. Should the occasion arise where the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia is unable to fulfill the position the Emergency Keeper of Regalia would become “acting” Kingdom Keeper of Regalia during the time required to advertise and fill the position.

Send letters to: and the Kingdom Exchequer at

Other Kingdom Officer Applications Needed!!


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