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Sunday, July 05, 2015
Officer Want Ads
 Kingdom Want Ads  

Emergency Deputy Kingdom Chronicler

Dame Anita seeks an Emergency Deputy.The Emergency Deputy will have some ongoing monthly duties and be expected to take over suddenly due to extraordinary circumstances. To do this you will need the following skills: MUST HAVE Expert user of any desktop publishing program – freeware or commercial (MS Publisher, InDesign, Scribus, Ventura, QuarkXpress) ESSENTIAL Good writing and editing skills. ESSENTIAL – reliable electronic communication and computer access. This position is 100% electronic based. Understand layout and font usage.  Need knowledge of photo editing for print or online readership. Need knowledge of file conversion and pdf publication for web. Knowledge of the SCA’s publishing requirements and copyright procedures. The Kingdom Chronicler’s office produces the Southwind and its supplement every month to a strict deadline. The Kingdom Chronicler also oversees the baronial chroniclers – receiving their monthly newsletters, working with local seneschals to ensure the position is filled, maintaining a warrant roster and enforcing copyright procedures on all content. Send your letter of intent with relevant experience (SCA or modern) to Dame Anita de Also feel free to ask any questions about the position. Do you have mad skills but no software? Check out Wikipedia’s ‘Comparison of DTP software’ for freeware and commercial products Comparison_of_desktop_publishing_ software.

Kingdom Sheriff

The position entails: Providing/arranging for volunteers for ‘security’ (“The Watch”) if needed at Kingdom level events. Overseeing “Watch Point” at Estrella War, and keeping reports & forms up to date that is needed for events where a “Watch Point” is needed. Maintaining warrants for the local level sheriffs & deputies. Submitting quarterly reports to the Kingdom Seneschal & The Crown, Managing the lost & found from Kingdom level events, including Estrella War, holding auctions for unclaimed L&F items .Need to maintaining the Sheriff’s office regalia. Letters of Intent need to be submitted to TRM’s (, the Kingdom Seneschal ( and to the Kingdom Sheriff’s office (sheriff@ If you have any questions about the position, please don’t hesitate to ask!


The Atenveldt Calendar Office is seeking an Emergency Deputy Calendar Officer and a Deputy Calendar Officer. These positions require an ability to work tactfully with Royalty, Landed Barons and Baronesses, Shires, Marches, Colleges, Officers, and members of the populace with regard to timely and prompt management of ongoing and upcoming events and event descriptions that are placed on the Kingdom Calendar. These positions require an understanding of the Atenveldt Event Guidelines, the Atenveldt Calendar FAQ, and Atenveldt Kingdom Law regarding the Calendar Office. Applicants
should also have strong writing and organizational skills, word processing and email skills, and access to a computer and the Internet since the Atenveldt Kingdom Calendar is stored and updated online. This is a one year warranted position. Applications and any questions should be sent to the Kingdom Calendar Officer at and should include an SCA resume, and an outline of any modern world experience.

Other Kingdom Officer Applications Needed!!


For information contact Dame Anita de Challis at

Emergency Kingdom Keeper of the Regalia

The Crown, Exchequer of Atenveldt are soliciting applications for the position of Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia. This position reports to the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia.
Emergency Kingdom Keeper of Regalia works with the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia to maintain all items owned by the Kingdom and local groups including Estrella War. Should the occasion arise where the Kingdom Keeper of Regalia is unable to fulfill the position the Emergency Keeper of Regalia would become “acting” Kingdom Keeper of Regalia during the time required to advertise and fill the position.

Send letters to: the Crown of Atenveldt and the Kingdom Exchequer at
In addition, a filled out Warrant of Appointment to Financial Office Form (found on the Kingdom website Exchequer page and the documents requested by that form, (picture ID and proof of membership), must also be sent to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The subject line for the e-mail should read: Regalia Warrant T Martin (your name) - this is an example, please replace my name with yours.

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