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Monday, July 16, 2018
Order of Precedence
 Order of Precedence  

Order of Precedence is a sequential hierarchy of rank. In the SCA, this takes the form of recognition of awards received, the rank of the award and when the person received it.

In formal events, the Order of Precedence plays a part in how members of the SCA relate to each other. For example: in Crown tournament, combatants and their consorts are presented to the crown before the tournament in Order of Precedence.

In Atenveldt's Online order of precedence, a person need not have an award to be listed. With photos and devices from many of our populace, the OP works as a who's who in Atenveldt. Feel free to explore.

Atenveldt's award charters are also kept in the Order of Precedence.  An award charter is part of Kingdom Law that formally states all the information about the award.

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To change an email or a warranted office on your OP, please contact the Regnum Officer with a copy of the warrant.

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 Order of Precedence Online  

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Alex the Scribe

Last Known Residence: Kingdom of Drachenwald
Arms of Alex the Scribe: Per chevron gules and sable, in base a dragon passant Or.
Per chevron gules and sable, in base a dragon passant Or.
Rank in OP:
Additional Names or Spellings:
Alysandra Cassia von Drachenskralle
Alyssandra von Drachenskralle
(R) indicates the name the person has registered with the college of heralds.
(P) indicates the person's preferred name/spelling.

Awards Received

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Award NameGroup NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
Order of the LaurelKingdom of Atenveldt5/4/2002Mathias and Elzbieta  
Fleur de SoleilKingdom of Atenveldt10/14/2000Mathias and Sarolta  
Light of AtenveldtKingdom of Atenveldt5/1/2004Jonathon and Deille  
Court BaronyKingdom of Atenveldt11/5/2005Eduard and Asa  
Order of the Dragon's ScalesBarony of Sun Dragon2/19/2001Alyssandra von DrachenskralleDmitri & Tatiana
The Honor of SunDragonBarony of Sun Dragon10/28/2001Alyssandra von DrachenskralleDmitri & Tatiana
Order of the Purpure ClarionBarony of Atenveldt12/28/2002Robin and Penelope  
Order of the Palm of AtenveldtBarony of Atenveldt12/17/2005Rhys and Edine  
Order of the SycamoreKingdom of Aethelmearc5/18/1991Alysandra Cassia von DrachenskrallePrincipality of Aethelmarc
Order of the KeystoneKingdom of Aethelmearc6/1/1991Alysandra Cassia von DrachenskrallePrincipality of Aethelmarc; given for service to the College of Scribes of Aethelmarc
Award of ArmsKingdom of Aethelmearc5/19/1990Alysandra Cassia von DrachenskralleAethelmarc was a Principality at this time.
Augmentation of ArmsKingdom of Atenveldt5/3/2003Jonathon and Deille  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/4/2002Mathias  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt11/2/2002Aaron  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt5/1/2004Jonathon  
King's SigilKingdom of Atenveldt11/5/2005Eduard  
Queen's CypherKingdom of Atenveldt11/5/2005Asa  

Offices and Other Positions Held

No Offices Recorded.

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