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Friday, December 02, 2016
Order of Precedence
 Order of Precedence  

Order of Precedence is a sequential hierarchy of rank. In the SCA, this takes the form of recognition of awards received, the rank of the award and when the person received it. In formal events, the Order of Precedence plays a part in how members of the SCA relate to each other. For example: in Crown tournament, combatants and their consorts are presented to the crown before the tournament in Order of Precedence.

In Atenveldt's Online order of precedence, a person need not have an award to be listed. With photos from a good portion of our populace, the OP works as a who's who in Atenveldt. Feel free to explore around a bit.

Abacus Herald Regnum Officer Device Drawings
If you are part of the populace and don't see yourself on here, please contact the Abacus Herald. Some data may be missing or incorrect.  If you notice missing or incorrect data, request a correction. To change an email or an office on your OP, please contact the Regnum Officer. To get your device rendered, send your REGISTERED blazon, full SCA name, and an email address that we may contact you on with any questions to  Your device must be approved by the College of Heralds and able to be found in the armorial.

This section of our website is constantly updated.

 Order of Precedence Online  

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List of Reigns for Principality of the Sun (43) Reigns
(43 total results.)
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ReignRulersDate Range
1Ivan and Kathleen1/6/1977 - 5/7/1977
2Thomas and Anastasia5/7/1977 - 11/19/1977
3Denis and Trude11/19/1977 - 6/11/1978
4Amayot and Kerensa6/11/1978 - 12/10/1978
5Denis and Trude12/10/1978 - 6/2/1979
6Nicholas and Frances6/2/1979 - 11/17/1979
7Justin and Victoria11/17/1979 - 4/12/1980
8Roger and Elwynn4/12/1980 - 11/8/1980
9Trelon and Faleena11/8/1980 - 5/16/1981
10Christopher and Trude5/16/1981 - 11/21/1981
11Thomas and Anastasia11/21/1981 - 5/15/1982
12Christopher and Gabrielle5/15/1982 - 11/6/1982
13Trelon and Kimie11/6/1982 - 4/30/1983
14Justin and Hastini4/30/1983 - 11/19/1983
15Thoronnaur and Lucia11/19/1983 - 5/19/1984
16Rotwulf and Naomi5/19/1984 - 11/17/1984
17Lei and Aurora11/17/1984 - 5/19/1985
18Justin and Victoria5/19/1985 - 11/16/1985
19Elric and Camelen11/16/1985 - 5/17/1986
20Mathghamhain and Fiona5/17/1986 - 7/19/1986
RegencyElric7/19/1986 - 9/21/1986
21Justin and Victoria9/21/1986 - 3/21/1987
22Mathghamhain and Clea3/21/1987 - 9/19/1987
23Eldrid and Deirdre9/19/1987 - 3/19/1988
24Mark and Jaqueline3/19/1988 - 9/17/1988
25Adam and Bahiyyah9/17/1988 - 3/18/1989
26Gilbert and Brynhilde3/18/1989 - 9/16/1989
27Dana and Malinda9/16/1989 - 3/17/1990
28Justin and Victoria3/17/1990 - 9/15/1990
29Ulric and Elaina9/15/1990 - 3/16/1991
30Arik and Roslyne3/16/1991 - 11/16/1991
31Dmitri and Kalida11/16/1991 - 5/16/1992
32Lawrence and Brandewyne5/16/1992 - 11/22/1992
33Christopher and Katerina11/22/1992 - 5/15/1993
34Eric and Nichelle5/15/1993 - 11/20/1993
35Gerald and Jochi11/20/1993 - 5/21/1994
36Ivan and Katherine5/21/1994 - 11/19/1994
37Eric and Nichelle11/19/1994 - 7/15/1995
38Johnathan and Brianna7/15/1995 - 1/20/1996
39Drusilus and Yrsa1/21/1996 - 7/20/1996
40Sterling and Diana7/20/1996 - 1/18/1997
RegencySterling1/18/1997 - 3/15/1997
41Drusilus and Yrsa3/15/1997 - 7/19/1997
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 News & Updates  

Final Court Reports for Craven and Elzbieta - Updated through Coronation - Sunday, November 13, 2016
All awards through the Final court for the reign of Craven and Elzbieta, as reported to the Abacus Herald's office, have been entered into the Order of Precedence.

In Service,

Baron Seamus McDaid, OP
Abacus Herald 
Court Reports for Morgan and Elizabeth - Updated through Southern Crusades - Sunday, November 13, 2016
All awards through Southern Crusades - for the reign of Morgan and Elizabeth, as reported to the Abacus Herald's office, have been entered into the Order of Precedence.

In Service,

Baron Seamus McDaid, OP
Abacus Herald 
Issue Tracker for the OP - Saturday, January 29, 2011
If you are having a problem with the OP or have a suggestion for what it could include, please create a new issue on the code project hosted here: 

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