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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Order of Precedence
 Order of Precedence  

Order of Precedence (OP) is a sequential hierarchy of rank. In the SCA, this takes the form of recognition of awards received, the rank of the award and when the person received it.

In formal events, the OP plays a part in how members are organized. For example: in Crown tournament, combatants and their consorts are presented to the crown before the tournament in their order of precedence.

In Atenveldt's OP, you don't need an award to be listed. Using photos and devices from many of our populace, it works as a who's who in Atenveldt. Feel free to explore.

Atenveldt's award charters are also kept in the Order of Precedence.  An award charter is part of Kingdom Law that formally declares everything about the award.

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To change an email or a warranted office on your OP, please contact the Regnum Officer with a copy of the warrant.

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Order of the Rainbow's Gold

Barony of Sun Dragon

Award Charter

 There is a checklist available for those interested in putting themselves forward as candidates for the Rainbow's Gold. There is also a mailing list available for this Order and its candidates.


I.                 There shall exist in the Barony of SunDragon an award known as the Order of the Rainbow's Gold. It may be given by the Baron/ess to those persons recognized by the other members of the Order as having completed the requirements necessary (see below).
II.               The holder of this award shall be entitled to place after their name CRG and shall be styled Companions of the Rainbow's Gold of the Barony of SunDragon.
III.             Insignia of the Order shall be a single gold medallion depicting the Baronial Rainbow and strung with a cord of the SunDragon rainbow colors.
IV.            The Order shall convey no precedence.
V.              The Coronet of the Barony shall carry the title of Principal of the Rainbow's Gold, and shall have all rights, duties, and privileges of Companions of the Order.
VI.            The person(s) first elevated unto Companion of the Order shall bear the title of Premier of the Order of the Rainbow's Gold.
VII.          Youth may declare for Rainbow's Gold at the age of 15. They may not Mentor until they are 18 year old, if they complete the award before their 18th B-day.
VIII.        Populace from outside the Barony may declare for Rainbow's Gold. They 
must have prior written permission from their Baron and Baroness to the Baron and   Baroness of SunDragon, and consent from the Baron and Baroness of SunDragon. It can be as simple as an email from their Baron and Baroness to ours, or it can be a hand delivered letter to an event, however the 3 parties involved wish to handle it.
IX.            Amendments to this Charter shall be made by the Principal of the Order, after consultation with the other members of the Order.
Candidates may begin to fulfill the requirements for this Order upon officially declaring themselves before the Baron/ess and the Companions of the Order.
The following is the requirements of the Order of the Rainbow’s Gold.
  1. Combat
    1. In order to accomplish this section, the candidate will demonstrate various skills at arms. There are three ways to accomplish this, the candidate must choose one of the three.
      1. The first alternative is to fight in a heavy weapons tourney. This must be an official tourney.
      2. The second alternative will call upon the candidate to complete the following:
        1. Find a suitable member of the Order that is commonly accepted as an accomplished heavy weapons fighter.
        2. The candidate should pledge to this individual for a period of time to serve as a retainer. In return the candidate will learn to wield a weapon and hold a shield.
        3. The candidate will then, before three (3) members of the Order, proceed to don a suit of armor and demonstrate the uses of armor, sword and shield against an armored opponent who will not strike back.
      3. If the candidate is physically unable to complete either of the above, the candidate must be able to identify pieces of armor and weapons, and tell which blows are being used when seeing these blows performed by a fighter.
    2. All candidates will identify the various machines of war.
    3. All candidates will elaborate on the fortifications of the period. This will be accomplished by designing a fortification on land, on terrain which has been designated by one of the members of the Order.
    4. All candidates will demonstrate knowledge of Society weapons, combat, armor, and rules of combat. 
  1. Heraldry
    To demonstrate a knowledge of heraldry, the candidate must:
    1. Blazon his own device and have it painted on a shield (if a fighter) or worked into a banner. The device must have been submitted to the heralds for registration.
    2. The candidate must be able to identify at least three out of five of the arms of the prominent Peers of the Barony.
    3. The candidate will be able to answer about basic heraldry: What are:
      1. Tinctures, metals and furs
      2. Basic field divisions and charges based on those divisions. 
  1. Dancing
    To demonstrate the candidate's dancing ability, the candidate shall be required to perform five dances, each of which is from a different, Western European court style that is appropriate to our period of research (i.e. Pavan, Bransle, Alman, English Country, 15th Century Italian, 16th Century Italian, Galliard, and the like).
If a Rainbow's Gold Candidate is not physically capable of dancing, they can learn to call the dances for other people to dance to at an event. They must call 5 of the styles of dance listed above. 
  1. Games
    To demonstrate the candidate's ability with games, the candidate must demonstrate a knowledge of Chess or Backgammon. The candidate must also be able to name five (5) other games of the Middle Ages and play one of the seven (7). 
  1. Calligraphy
    Candidates for this Order must submit a scriven petition requesting membership to this Order. The petition will be written in a medieval hand and illuminated to the best of the ability of the candidate; and shall be presented to the candidate upon completion of all the requirements, by the hand of the Baron/ess.
Sample Text: (this text does not have to be used it is only a suggestion, you may use any text or example of calligraphy you feel is appropriate for this section)
We do hereby lend as proof of __name of candidate__ completion of the Rainbow's Gold of SunDragon our signatures and do petition for [him/]her to be admitted as a member unto the Order of the Rainbow’s Gold.
[Listing of names/calligraphy “signatures” of all of the people who signed off on the candidates paperwork.]
Admitted this ___ day of __month__, A.S. [Roman Numerals], being 200_ in the Common Era.

Baroness                                                          Baron 
  1. For the Pleasure of Others
    To demonstrate the candidate's knowledge of music and literature, the candidate will submit two (2) of the following:
    1. Write a fable, poem, morality play, or story of chivalry. Language should approximate courtly speech (no slang) and entries be typed or scriven. You may recite your entry before the populace or present it for recitation by a minstrel.
    2. Write a ballad, round, or simple song in the spirit and style of the Middle Ages. Entries must be presented in a ready-to-perform format or must be performed by the candidate.
    3. Perform a piece of period music and supply written documentation for same, at time of performance.
    4. Recite from memory a period poem, fable, story, or play (the latter in consort with others) for the pleasure of the populace.
    5. To research, document, and exhibit a period art or craft. 
  1. Courtly Behavior
    Each candidate shall, in a timely manor, choose a mentor who is already a Member of the Order of the Rainbow’s Gold to aid in the instruction of the candidate in courtly behavior and SCA customs. If a candidate does not choose a mentor within 3 months, a companion of the Order will be assigned. The candidate will also be observed by members of the Order during the time he/she is working to complete the other requirements of the Order. 
  1. Know Thyself
    To demonstrate the candidate's knowledge of the Middle Ages, the candidate will be questioned by a panel with respect to persona. The candidate will need to know such things as: What period of time s/he is living in, where, activities of daily life, politics, religion, clothes, food, etc. 
  1. Service To Others
    The candidate will act as either an officer or a deputy for a period of six months beginning from the time they declare themselves as a candidate, or they shall act as a autocrat or co-autocrat or shall instruct three classes on different subjects at some time during the period they are working for the Order.

20 People with this Award

SCA NameDateGiven ByName on ScrollNotes
Kynan Wyllt This person has a display of Arms in the record11/8/1990Gilda and Nootka  
Ninian Ende11/11/1995  
Eirik Ising Steingrim This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record5/11/1996Rowan and Wilhelus  
Tvoislava Michelovna This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/2/2002  
Michael of Worcester This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record11/15/2002Deborah and Diego  
Hrefna Karsefni This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record10/23/2004Deborah and Diego  
Evan Hawkins This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/26/2005  
Katalena Aleksandrova This person has a display of Arms in the record3/26/2005  
Sorcha inghen Chon Mhara This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record12/30/2006Katheline and Ryan  
Raven Mayne This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/24/2007Katheline and Ryan  
Ritchyrd McUath This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record5/19/2007Katheline and Ryan  
Aliannsa inghean uí Ríoghbhardáin This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record5/19/2007Katheline and Ryan  
Gepa of Sundragon This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record10/22/2010Theresa and Robert  
Katheline van Weye This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/26/2011Viola and Wilhelus  
Gefroi le Gris This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record12/15/2012Viola and Wilhelus  
Isabelle Le Charpentier de Normandie This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record6/22/2013Viola and Wilhelus  
Simon Aaron of Windermere This person has a display of Arms in the record This person has a personal photo in the record3/29/2014Viola and Wilhelus  
Argouanagos of Scythia This person has a display of Arms in the record3/25/2017Gwenffrey and Simon  
Wade Greenwall This person has a display of Arms in the record3/25/2017Gwenffrey and Simon  
Jaku'an Kakujo This person has a display of Arms in the record11/18/2018Jacqueline and Gefroi  


 News & Updates  

New Names & Devices Passed - Tuesday, September 1, 2020
Congratulations!  These names and devices were passed by the SCA College of Heralds in the June 2020 LoAR's and have been added to the Atenveldt OP:

Angel Eberle. Name and device. Per bend azure and argent, a double-bitted axe argent and a dragonfly inverted sable.

Atticus Grimes. Name.

Catriona Dalith. Name and device. Argent, an arrow inverted sable entwined of a serpent vert.

Cecily Dymond of Bangor. Name.

Elspeth Wemyss. Name.

Fabio Komnenos. Name change from Fabio Ventura.

Frans Leifsson. Name and device. Per saltire argent and azure, a polypus and a spearhead azure.

Hallvarðr Ásgeirsson. Name and device. Sable, two wolf’s heads erased respectant and on a chief triangular Or a mullet of four points gules.

Isabel Douw. Device. Per chevron purpure and argent, two sea-unicorns respectant argent and a tree proper. 

Kay Leigh of Lochridge. Name and device. Per chevron throughout purpure and Or, two sewing needles argent threaded Or and a dragon’s head cabossed purpure, breathing flames gules.

Kazimira von Danzik. Name and device. Per saltire argent and azure, in pale a polypus azure and a red-tailed hawk proper.

Lucille Beaumont. Name.

Marie Noelle Dumont. Name and device. Argent semy of escarbuncles azure, a salamander statant regardant purpure enflamed gules.

Rook Talmotte. Name and device. Per saltire gules and sable, in pale a rook displayed and a tower argent.

Seonaid inghean Uilliam. Name.

Siobhan O’Connor. Name.

Urseius Ferox. Name and device. Or, in pale a barrel palewise proper and a bear statant sable, a bordure gules. 
New Names & Devices Passed - Saturday, August 1, 2020
Congratulations!  These names and devices were passed by the SCA College of Heralds in the May 2020 LoAR's and have been added to the Atenveldt OP:

Bozena z Prahy. Name change from Beverly FitzAlan de Stirkelaunde.

Lasairfhíona inghean uí Néill. Name and device. Argent, a fox sejant regardant purpure, on a chief azure three sheaves of arrows argent.

Perrenelle Moreau. Name.

Regarding Persona ID theft - Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From the President's Oct 2007 report

Persona Theft and False Awards and Honors.
I find myself compelled to use this space to speak to the membership about a fairly rare problem that has tripled in quantity and directly detracts from the inherent value of the entire system of Theatrical reenactment and recognition of excellence that flavor so much of the Society.

I refer here to the growing number of cases where we find someone either claiming to be possessed of the titles of a peer/noble/notable person - or outright stealing/borrowing the persona and titles of a person who labored long and hard for the honors and reputation being so casually nicked.

No sense of fame or positive regard is worth the ignominious and final demise that awaits the SCA career of anyone we catch doing this. And they are always caught.

I do not write of this problem and ask the membership to teach our new folk the value of earning honors as opposed to sneakily claiming them because I worry the perpetrators will get away with the caper. They will not.

I worry about the disheartening impact on the members and participants who work with good souls, a sound conscience, and can lose faith in what we are and seek to do when they encounter such crass thievery.

This growing problem will be stemmed by the swift and final treatment of those caught in the act of persona theft/false honors - that is my job and I am all over it. It will also be eased by teaching our new folk what the path to recognition is and encouraging them to walk upon it.

Vice President of Operations (Society Seneschal) - George Reed (Aaron faheud Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep)


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